Getting a Zine Printed

Hi all, hope this is the right place to ask. So far I have only done PDF releases of my games, but the next one I finally want to make the jump to print. Nothing super fancy, A5 zine, max 32 Pages, probably less, B&W or 2 Color max. However I am lost. I checked the DTRPG Print templates and started to experiment with them, but they don’t support saddle stitch any longer. I live in Germany and here the Zine culture is not that big, especially for a game written in English, so I would like to find a way to get it printed and sold primarily in the US. I find various tutorials but none that really go into the nitty gritty of how to get it printed. I can work the layout but need a starting point as it is I assume also printer depended (bleed and colour profile and whatnot) and some direction on where to go and what to do in regards to printing. Any help appreciated!


The main company I hear recommended over and over is - especially if you are doing smaller print runs. (At least if you are willing to handle distribution yourself or handle passing that off to other companies.)


How are you doing the layout?

In Affinity, I export with Bleed appropriate to UK and US requirements. Then I reach out to Mixam (US, CA, UK and Australian websites). I get some test prints made. Then I sell those to individual storefronts. PM me your Gmail and I’ll share my webstores document with you (it has all the contact info you might need, including a place in Germany).

You could also sell via Lulu and Amazon, they have templates for interior and cover PDF options. You’ll need to make an ISBN and add it in those cases as well.

@Goblin_Archives has a great resource here you need to read!


I use Affintiy for layout, but before I can set it up I need the requirements. Thanks for the tip both of you! Will check out Mixam.


For a print at the home or DIY in order to contain the cost: I recommend as a tutorial this one by the author of Network23, the OSR cyberpunk RPG.

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Not sure what the policy is here on linking stuff, but the Booksellers Guild discord server has a bunch of folks who do a lot of printing and can give a lot of advice.


Linking is absolutely fine.


Then here’s a link to the Booksellers Guild server (which I admin):


Thank you! Will check it out.