Great Published Settings

Your first 3 points are well said and I hope fledgling GMs and creators (hell, even seasoned ones!) take note and feel confident that using settings as inspiration is okay! The latter points are also good advice for creators. I would think you must be ready for criticism and consciously take the time to adopt a listening point of view to it.

If you feel like your feathers get ruffled easily by criticism, don’t stop! However, pause. Reach out to the creative community and/or people you can trust with honesty and express your concerns or even show your work to that smaller circle. That cycle of creation, critique, and learning is great.

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Some of my favs have already been mentioned so I’ll highlight one brand in particular:
I love Goodman Games’ setting work.
Peril on the Purple Planet in particular.
Even though their modules don’t have much of a setting to them they all have the vibe one would typically associate with a strong setting.
Very much looking forward to seeing how they handle Dying Earth since the art they have commissioned for that is bonkers.