Let's Discuss: Troika!

As someone who played quite a bit of Advanced Fighting Fantasy in school, Troika! appealed to me. I also find the weird & whimsical implied setting quite fun.
The initiative system didn’t really click with me until i played Revolution Comes to the Kingdom, which adapts the card-draw for stealth missions/sniper shootouts etc.
It really does create a tense, sorta push-your-luck combat minigame.


I really liked that it has rules for learning things and training. For whatever reason, that made me really happy.


I agree. Troika! has a great system for learning/training. It is easy, has a logical feeling to it, and is conservative enough to not let characters become good at everything. I don’t know the origin of it’s design - that is, I’m not sure this form of learning/training ever appeared in Fighting Fantasy. It does feel very similar to the Call of Cthulhu system of skill advancement.