101 Things That Statues Do

As many or as little as you’d like to add. I’ll start.

  1. Turn to flesh
  2. Spin
  3. Breath Fire
  4. Breath Gas
  5. Breath insect swarm
  6. Breath Acid
  7. Disappear and reappear somewhere else
  8. Weap
  9. Block secret passages
  10. Smash stuff
  11. Point somewhere
  12. Hold stuff
  13. Laser eyes
  14. Judge people
  15. Erode
  16. Hide secret compartment
  17. Double as battering ram
  18. Riddles (yuck)
  19. Connect up with missing pieces/limbs/head
  20. Spy on people
  21. Whisper secrets
  1. Follow you when you’re not looking
  2. Change pose
  3. Turn to a Troll
  4. Point at something
  5. Follow specific command words/signs
  6. Turn out to be a person that’s standing very still

I have a few here :slight_smile:

Strange Sculptures & Ensorcelled Statuary

  1. Crack open to reveal the actual figure depicted had been trapped inside
  2. Weep blood
  3. Attract lightning
  4. BURN!
  5. Covered in thousands of tiny spiders you can only discern when you’re up close
  6. Eat coins
  7. Smell like a feast
  8. Appear in your dreams every night for a year and a day after you touched it
  9. Trap the screaming souls of those who die while looking at it
  10. Explode all chickens within 10 feet
  11. Always covered in beads of condensation
  12. The sound of footsteps running toward you when you turn your back to the statue
  13. Is holding a statuary version of something you recognize as belonging to someone important to you
  14. Every word spoken directly to it causes one grain of stone to detach and fall to the ground
  15. Answers the first question asked of it after a new moon. Always answers incorrectly.
  1. Elevator down (hold on!)
  2. Makes funny faces after you look away and look back
  3. Mini sphere of annihilation in open mouth (portable as long as the entire statue remains intact)
  4. Touch and stay still to make yourself appear as a statue to others
  5. Oozes black goop from its cracks that pools on the floor. 1d4 days forms a brand spanking new baby black pudding.
  1. Reminds you of a fallen culture.

  2. Make you realize that whoever that hero was, her name is long forgotten.

  3. Gives you hope that the path that you strived upon is the right one.

  4. Gives you the notion that you want to hug the statue.

  5. Gazing into the eyes makes you see from the eyes of another statue.

  6. Shades you from the midday sun, as it stretches far into heaven.

  7. Is waiting for you to get close (mimic).

  1. Destroys things presented to it.
  2. Blesses things presented to it.
  3. Curses things presented to it.
  4. Shows the creature touching it a vision of all creatures to have touched the statue in the last 24 hours.
  5. The statue replays a bit of juicy gossip that was spoken within earshot of it.
  1. Acts as an intermediary for an extra-dimensional being.
  2. Cries healing tears when told something sad.
  3. Grows by an inch every time a new person looks at it.
  4. Looks just like you.
  5. Magnetically attracts metals.
  6. Wails incessantly in the presence of unbelievers.
  7. Makes Faustian bargains.
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  1. Act as natural filters, absorbing toxic air seeping up from underground vents.
  2. Slowly rotate as some form of event clock/calendar.
  3. Hold the local residents’ coats and scarves.
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  1. Contains a living person/creature encased inside.
  2. Contains a whole community of people/creatures living inside (possibly tiny creatures, depending on size of the statue).
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  1. The statue is a water fountain that stands emits holy water to the pious.

  2. Your soul swaps with another soul that trapped in the statue after gazing into it’s jeweled eyes.

  3. The statue delivers a long, droning history of the dungeon & listening to the whole discourse reveals the whereabouts of hidden relic or treasure.

  4. The statue is hollow and emits a booming sound when touched.

  5. The statue swaps appearances with the closest person.

  1. Chance of randomly teleporting between locations once every hour. Take anything touching it along for the ride.

  2. Attracts insects. Completely covered in 1d4 days. Other denizens harvest the bugs.

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  1. Receives waste–the statue is also a garbage receptacle.

  2. Listens to secrets whispered into it’s ear, and remembers.

  3. Keeps fresh any food placed upon the platter it holds, indefinitely.

  4. Licks it’s dry marble lips, muffles a dusty cough.

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  1. Is actually hard candy shell over a chocolate mold
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  1. Just stands there, like a statue.
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  1. Move all of the furniture one inch to the left (when no one’s looking).
  1. Will wait for the PCs to evacuate the next room before it moves into it. Repeat.
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