Best free adventure module recommendations please :)

Hello again, y’all.

So, my next question in my series of “please answer my questions” series :wink:

Can you please share your favorite adventure modules (I don’t actually know what the proper term is) for O/NSR games. I’m currently reading Cairn and Cairn variants. That said, don’t limit yourself to Cairn.

I’m trying to see what a well written adventure (or campaign, if that’s an option) looks like and what I should be striving for when I create my own.


PS I suck at technology. Please provide a link if you can.

I’ve written a few posts on this:


Haha! That’s a lot of options. Can you recommend a few that address some of the stuff I’ve been talking about over the past few days? Or maybe just like 3 -5 that I can read to better understand the format?

Winter’s Daughter is the gold standard of a dungeon that’s well-formatted and compelling.

I already mentioned it in the other thread but I ran the Lair of the Gobbler recently and I found it to be really good.

For something larger than just one dungeon, check out The Black Wyrm of Brandonsford.

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Can’t beat the Trilemma Adventures. There’s more than 50 free one page dungeons.


I’ve had some success with Mount Zorgoth by Highland Paranormal Society. I’ve used it with kids ages 6-12 year old using very light systems (like RISUS and Roll For Shoes), but it’s not made for a specific system, so a more OSR/NSR type system might work.

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