Bestiary In The Works

Im working on a book of creatures! Full of all sorts of weird items, either drawn from the unusual and neglected monsters (oft improved or changed to my own image) or entirely made up on my own! Heres some of better entries so far.

Fearsome leopard, a mane of snakes sprouting from its shoulders

  • Breathes a sleepy miasma.
  • Drags slumbering victims back to its den to feast on dreams.
  • Attacks with claws, jaws, and fangs as a last resort.
  • Dream-pearls form around particularly indigestible dreams in its stomach.

Spindly dromedary-lookalike with a long suction snout, shimmering pale electric blue color

  • An arcanovore which devours magical enchantments and dweomers.
  • Impeccable magic-sense even at distance.
  • Amiable personality, fearless of predators for its flesh is poisoned.

Carcass Crawler
A massive velvet worm, several meters long, probing antenna

  • Scavenger by nature but will hunt the wounded and sick.
  • Sprays sticky hardening mucus to entrap victims.
  • Blind but detects acute vibrations and smells.

Gargantuan pyramidal mass of dead flesh pulling itself along on numerous limbs

  • A sort of expeditionary suit for spirits of the outer planes.
  • Absorbs corpses to repair itself and grow bigger.
  • Moves cumbersomely, but is surprisingly dexterous with its hands.
  • Curious although clueless, often damaging things or harming people.
  • Speaks no earthly tongue but can learn with time.

I’d love to see people’s suggestions for neglected, poorly-executed, or just esoteric mounters and creatures! Be they from monster manuals, folklore, or what else!

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Nasnas. Sort of a zomibe, but also half-person? Also checkout the Hungruf!

Also check out the Book of Imaginary Beings by Borges.


Was gonna say the same thing! I really like that book. The monster I especially wanna use from there is the weird Islamic Folklore World-cow that carries the world on its brow. Such a weird and fun cosmology that is far more interesting than the generic “inner and other planes” one.


Posted this on the discord earlier but I’ll reproduce here

Living Hole
A carnivorous hole that can move

  • Chases after you
  • Can vary in size and depth
  • Traps creatures then digests them once they fall unconscious
  • Can move with creatures stuck inside them
  • Pokes through to the other side of surfaces that are thinner than the holes depth
  • Susceptible to weight, and may be immobilized by containing something too heavy

Oooh that’s a good one!


Nail Witch
Eyeshadow, very tall hats, and other vain accessories, eclectic minions

  • Anything pierced in the heart by their iron nails becomes their slave.
  • Love to gamble, flirt, and otherwise be a charming nuisance.
  • Attempt to stick people with nails at first opportunity.
  • Slaves can be freed by simply removing the nail.

A bisected human, one arm, one leg, half of everything else

  • Born of an ill-fated union between man and spirit.
  • Oft disguise themselves as a decrepit beggar or old man with cane.
  • Rather dull witted, with only half a brain.
  • Purportedly taste delicious for which they are hunted.

Grotesque face and emancipated body, large bloodstained bell on a thick cord

  • The ringing of its bell causes confusion and panic.
  • Delights in brutally attacking victims with its swinging bell.
  • Born during times of panic and chaos.
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