Buffy and the problem of souls

Hey all, I’ve written a blogpost of some ideas I’ve been having about what “having a soul” means in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I’ve just binge-watched out of nostalgia. (Currently in the first season of Angel)

I thought it might be of some inspiration for games where tropes revolving around the having of a soul might play a role of some kind. Or what the consequences of some good sounding edgy line may be when extrapolated upon.

It’s not my best writing, but I just had to get this question out of my head because I don’t have the time to keep thinking about this. I wish I had, but life’s too busy.

All in all, here’s the Blog Post: Buffy and the question of souls.


Another series that talks about the whole soul/humanity/okay-to-kill-or-not thing is Supernatural. They both get me thinking about this stuff too.

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