Charlie's TTRPG Design Diary

Oooh, it’s hot in here. And Dark. Well, this is The Cauldron and I have enabled dark mode. I feel like Darth Vader when I say that last bit. Hi. Care to add to the stew?

I will be posting stuff here as I make stuff. Why? If I have nothing to share, I’m less likely to visit this wonderful place as often. I’ve got two things I can share. One is my opinion, but I doubt anyone wants to hear that since I’m relatively new to the TTRPG space. The other is the games I’ve made. I think some people might like them. With any luck, I will hit on something that more people like. But for now, I will just post what I’ve got in hopes of improving it as we go. My iteration rate is very high, and I try to keep good records. Warning: Any praise for my games may be used to promote said games. That said, feedback is more useful than praise. I’m happy to hear what you think is wrong or missing in my designs. Hack away! Your opinion is golden to me. Thanks in advance!

Charles Ward


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Here goes.

Inspired by @jpcoovert and Dungeon23, I started to make a few levels for my Saturday TTRPG group. Partly in an effort to get them involved in the creative process of world-building, and partly to kill some time and avoid more important work with deadlines that are… still not close enough.

Anyway, making this was really fun. So I made another one this week. But before I move on to more designs I want to 1) share this, 2) ask for feedback, and 3) welcome you to share your work with me via a private message if you want some reciprocal feedback. I will do what I can - and be honest. Hopefully, your feedback will fix some early shortcomings and steer me in the right direction moving forward. Thank you in advance.

Lastly. I’m selling this game on Itch for $1. Please share the link to the game if you think someone will like this game. RADIX Data Vault by EX FIRST GAMES The images here are for anyone interested in sharing some feedback. What am I missing? What could be better?

Love ya!