Collaborative Island Map

I’m struggling a bit. I really want to start my game with players creating a map of the island. It’s a great way for them to get to know the place instead of being told, “This is the island.” by a DM. “You all know it well…”

I also want to keep it simple for first-time players. I like how Escape from Dino Island handled this. The island is divided in sectors, and you just draw a symbol specifying something.

But I would like for the players to draw mysterious coves, capes, cliffs, piers, connect a smaller island to the bigger one maybe… To draw roads, cabins, caves etc. Maybe a guided tutorial with steps that include choices, e.g. Step number one - Draw an island. An island can be long or round or just go crazy and draw a skull.

I like how players in Kids on Bikes collaboratively create a town by answering questions one by one. Maybe something like that but with multiple options that are actual example drawings.

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