Cyberpunk adventure procedurally kickstarted

Hi !
I’m currently reading a french cyberpunk rpg (Nanochrome2 by John Grümph)
And the system propose a procedural generation for your adventures, I think I’ve got something rather cool and though I’d share even if it is still a work in progress.

So far here what I’ve rolled :

How it started : someone got murdered
What is the mission : extracting a corporate executive and their family
Where at a R&D laboratory in nanobiotech
who is the antagonist : a sociopathic corporate executive


  • something is broken and require repairs
  • a solo merc who is not linked to the story get involved

secondary objectives

  • destroying something
  • acquire superior accreditations

And here is what I’ve come up with :

  • Crops Engineering & Research Center : A facade for a corporation looking to engineer new generations of soldiers.
  • Project SPECTRE : CERC’s project trying to awake psychic ability in people and produce a batch of psyOps soldiers
  • Dr. Hayashida Satoshi CERC Head director. Killed right before the events took place. Tried to stop the project SPECTRE
  • Dr. Ueda Satoshi : Hayashida sister and director of research on project SPECTRE
  • Dr Gabriel Parker : SPECTRE co-director and husband of dr. Ueda
  • Kim Satoshi-Parker : Ueda and Gabriel’s daughter (12 yo) main test subject of SPECTRE
    With awakened powers and powerful telekinesis capability.

What happened :

  1. Ueda and Gabriel’s project was a complete failure, no one survive the battery of tests and procedures.
  2. Ueda and Gabriel choose to have a kid and engineer it from the womb to make the perfect candidate for their project
  3. It work, their kid, Kim, was showing wonderful metrics and they had a great hope.
  4. Kim, as any kid, showed some unpredictable behaviour and killed a guard with her powers.
  5. Hayashida decided to stop the project for good and destroy everything linked to this, including the test subject. Gabriel stand with Hayashida, Kim powers and her dangerosity could not be freed upon the land.
  6. Ueda’s mother instinct kicked back and kicked hard, she killed her brother and mounted a plan to save her daughter.
  7. That were the players comes in.

How id play this :
Ueda tasks the player to extract her and her daugther from the lab, implying that Gabriel has gone mad, and is going to kill them next after killing her brother for trying to stop the project.

She define a meeting point inside the secret lab. Players should sneak through the center to find high enough accreditations to access the secret lab part.

During their break in, I’d leave some notes for players to read about project Spectre. Taking care for the note to mention SPECTRE not as a child but as a monstrous and cunning creature, with psychic powers, almost like she were a leashed dog ready to go mad. I’d like for the players to discover that Kim is SPECTRE in a surprise effect.

When players arrive at the meeting point, Ueda is not here, in fact she is front of her daughter containment cell, ready to free her when she receive the players go.

When she do free her daughter, an alarm rings out, warning player that project SPECTRE got free and letting the player hear the guards freaking out. (By then i’d hope player still think SPECTRE is some kind of mutant psy predator)

After some times, Ueada and Kim show up to the meeting point, explaining she had to destroy evidences and cover their escape.

From now on i’d let player do whatever they can to escape the center and have some “cinematic scenes” play out.
Discovering that Kim is in fact project SPECTRE
Make them meet a solo merc who got hastly tasked by CERC to destroy Kim
Affronting a Mad Gabriel in a Mecha ready to stop this non sense (And of course have Kim uses her power to help the players fight the Mecha and why not kill her father in a burst of rage, showing that she is in fact, dangerous and unstable (as any kid used as test subject by their parent would) )
Letting the players decide if kim is nothing more than a child and deserve freedom or is a dangerous monster who should not escape from the lab

well that is all for now.
If you have some idea to improve this i’m all ears and if you want to use this in a game i’d be glad to know how it went.
It is the first time i try to create an adventure and i find the adventure generator really nice to kickstart your imagination.