Dungeon23 - Build a megadungeon in 2023

Anyone going to try for Dungeon23?

If you don’t know about it, it started with Sean McCoy. The idea is to build a megadungeon by writing a room each day.

I think it started with a tweet and here’s a link to his newsletter about it.

I also found this if you want a cool logo to use.

I’m sure there are a bunch of other resources out there. Please share them if you’ve got them.

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I’m still trying to build myself up to a point where I’ll participate. It’s a problem I often have with big creative efforts. I think I’ll get there. I realize that not completing doesn’t mean I won’t have anything to show.

My brain is frustrating sometimes.

I’m participating for sure. One of my goals for 2023 was to do a thing a week but I’ve been trying to figure out what that thing will be. Now it’s a dungeon.

I’m following in @DreamingDragonslayer 's footsteps and making 52 weekly microdungeons, similar to the shrines in Breath of the Wild. I’ll be designing for my Zeldalike TTRPG The Door Locks Behind You and updating my (as of yet unlaunched) blog weekly with the results.


While I appreciate this as a creative writing exercise, I don’t think it’s actually a good way to construct a megadungeon, so I’m outside - but I’ll be looking in through the windows.

Does anyone know of a good Dungeon23 resource roundup? Or would it be useful to make a thread here?

Great resource roundup here:

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Thanks! I’d seen that and forgotten about it. Doesn’t look like the creator/maintainer is updating it, from what I can see.

I’m also interested in a round-up of blogs/videos/etc of folks who are participating. Time to poke around more.

The above site was updated 12 days ago … not that old ,)

Lol, I take your point.

I was mostly thinking about the blog part. I’ve been seeing lots of folks posting their blogs saying they’ll join in and have been thinking “how will I track them all?” There are lots of good resources in that post, but I don’t see a section for blogs of people taking part in #Dungeon23

There is some nice buzz going on the NSR discord as well as in the 10 foot pole forum.

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I’m looking to make a spherical multi-level dungeon.

I’ve got a d120 and each face is going to be a room. This way we can effectively map onto a sphere.

I’ve also got a d60 and that’s the next level down. In fact I’m using all the dice based on the platonic and catalan solids which gives you ten levels all the way down to a little d4 in the middle.

That’s 332 rooms.

Oh cool, didn’t know about this jam! I tried to submit my WIP game but I couldn’t. Can you only submit “finished” games?

My pitch:

I wanted to partake in the dungeon23 project as a way of keeping my creative engine working, but I’m not super into traditional dungeon fantasy tropes that much. So, I raked my brain to come up with something that I could be into, and develop as part of the trend

I was thinking of developing something akin to a massive 1920s mansion, with floors upon floors, going both up into unreal heights and down in to the veins of the earth. The mansion complex was started by the typical “eccentric rich occultist™”. Eventually, he opened portals to other dimensions and times, and continued building his mansion there too. The complex now spans timelines, places, and dimensions.

But now he’s vanished—no one from the inner circle really knows where he is—and his cronies and cult initiates have taken over different wings of the complex and started adjusting and building it to their tastes. So, you can have a massive mansion in the classic 20s era, but that complex can be connected via a magic portal to a gothic castle in medieval Hungary, or to a derelict warehouse in the early 00s Detroit (where one of the initiates organizes a magic drug empire).

cue gonzo anachronisms

from my blog: Mansion23 | Stories with Dice

the goal is to make a mansion a week (or a rough outline of one) with cults, magic monsters, tomes, dangerous spells etc. but set in anything but generic fantasy land.

  • classic 20s jazz mansion
  • 60s yoga retreat mansion
  • 90s warehouse drug kinpin den
  • 40s bombed out European palazzo