Empyrean Dynasty Turn 1 Report

Empyrean Dynasty

Here is a play report of sorts of the first turn of Empyrean Dynasty, a great game that I have the honor of running for the creator, @MichaelRaston. Also involved is @CadejoNegro and @Roshlev, as well as two other players that aren’t in the Cauldron.

Player List

Alien Slime
Heron Association
Mercenary corporation focused on security, specifically that of trade. Have been setting the example for proper trade practices for hundreds of years.

Virtual Games Publishing
Blending virtual reality with reality, Virtual Games Publishing creates holographic gaming experiences that can be touched and interacted with. Some say it’s magic.

A french organization that pioneered the initial push for galactic exploration and settlement, B-Tech is best known for their cybernetics, specifically cybernetic animals that have assisted people in exploring space for millennium.

Kozen-Grak Krieger
A godless cult devoted to meditative hedonism. As content engaging in war and battle as they in orgies and feasting. Fond of silken tunics, and finished with spiked metal pauldrons inlaid with gems. The organisation is composed of many large families, representatives of which elect, by council, the ruling Konsul - who is supreme commander of KGK for a year long period of service (which can be renewed or revoked at the discretion of the council). The organisation is focused on ever growing their clan’s populations, acquiring new adherents to and spreading the practice of meditative hedonism.

Estivation Futures Unlimited
Originating as self-replicating spacecrafts sent to explore the cosmos, these now-sentient robots have returned to Old Earth and integrated with society. However, most are allied with Estivation Futures Unlimited, a company that will store your data as a human and rebirth you in your prime to experience a world in paradise, tailored just for you. Of course, this takes a long time, so people who pay for this service must wait millions of years (currently, at least) before seeing a return on their investment.

Turn 1 Report

Colonization Efforts

The Kozen-Grak Krieger clearly led the charge this decamillenium with its capability to quickly populate a planet. They were able to fully populate a planet in just 1,000 years as a result.

K2: This very earth-like planet has an abundance of precious metals. Despite this, due to its earth-like nature, many people that live there do not want to repeat the tragedy that is Old Earth, and so are very careful to not overdo mining. This planet acts for the Kozen-Grak Krieger as a secondary capital planet.

K3: This planet’s ocean is unflammable (at least by traditional means) crude oil. The planet isn’t home to many anymore after a radical rebel group (influenced by the trade practices of the Heron Association) overthrew the oil barons, and now oversee that the massive oil whales are taken care of and that the planet is given time to recuperate and oil isn’t exported too fast.

K4: This planet is home to only reptiles, and is quite close (at least for a hospitable planet) to a sun. While reptiles aren’t typically what one thinks of as ‘good eats’, these reptiles now get anyone to drool at how tasty they are. The planet is now mostly home to one of two people: Chefs or preservationalists.

K5: This iron-rich planet (such that the dirt and sand are always a reddish-orange) is best known for Iron Sugar, a healthier alternative to sugar native to the planet that also has protein in it. Don’t ask the locals how that’s possible.

K6: This planet is very unique in that it has no dirt and it might as well be an asteroid if not for the breathable atmosphere and water. It is also unique in that the surface is hundreds of meters above sea level, and that change is not gradual at all. Instead of anything traditional, there is a flat wall of stone that goes up to rocky plataeus. The fish within the ocean (as there are no natural rivers) are a one of a kind delicacy. There is quite literally a divide between classes, as the rich and wealthy live up on the plataeus while the fisherman live on boat colonies.

K8: Fungus is everywhere on this planet, and they all have a variety of effects. Between giant fungus trees and carpets of grass-like moss, EVERYTHING on this planet has some weird effect when ingested. Naturally, this planet is home to a bunch of drug addicts, and has become a natural hotspot for intergalactic drug cartels.

K9: The tectonic plates of this planet are extremely varied, and it has created some of the most awe-inspiring scenery known to the galaxy. The people of this forested planet take great pride in maintaining the nature, and have built homes within it in a non-destructive way. The planet serves as a great tourist destination to get away from it all.

K10: This planet is quite large, and features quite expansive caverns. Native to the planet is a type of reed that grows underground with barely any support. This reed has been able to be processed into paper, and has revolutionized the paper industry to no longer need trees.

K11: This planet was thought largely uninhabitable, despite the breathable atmosphere, due to the constant lightning strikes causing the entirety of the surface to be covered in glass. However, after it was discovered there is a special type of crystal that is stronger than any other substance, diamond titanium, named as such as it has traces of both within it.

Second place to them was B-Tech, who was able to produce faster using their biotech animals.

B2: This mountainous, rocky planet is jokingly referred to as a dwarf planet, but not because of its size. Many of its locals live within the mountains, and they utilize the flora to create many specialty alchohols that can only be grown and fermented here.

B3: This planet has a tree whose extract is able to make a natural gelatin, providing a safer alternative to glue and other gelatin-based products.

B4: This otherwise unimpressive planet was discovered to have a special subset of palladium that reacts very well with biotech. A loop of biotech animals mining, allowing more biotech animals to be created was formed, and now over 75% of the planet’s population are biotech animals.

B5: This lush jungle of a planet is home to many natural springs, and its minerals allow its water to be the most refreshing and healthy. Tourism is in abundance, here, as nearly every village has a spring or two and is prepared with hotels and attractions.

B6: The surface of this planet is almost all covered in loam, and is extremely fertile ground. The atmosphere is quite unique, as well, allowing nearly any kind of plant throughout the galaxy to be able to be grown here.

B7: This strange planet of near-constant flux between ice age and heat age was colonized due to its special fuel that was discovered that can power starships. While still difficult to harvest, the fuel is quite long-lasting, allowing starships to travel more frequently without stops.

B8: This planet’s weather is very unique in that the clouds contain salt, and snow/hail is made of pure salt. There was a project to create a giant net of sorts to contain this salt, and allow the filtered water to rain below. This has allowed salt to be in abundance for the galaxy.

B9: This planet is not one planet but three, which all rotate and move on the exact same axis. This has allowed a project in which a giant space elevator was created bridging the three small planets, assisted by its abundance of iron. It is a technological wonder, and astronomers of all kinds flock here.

Last and least, the Heron Association has founded a few planets towards the latter end of the decamillenium.

H2: This volcanic planet has been engineered to collect the lava, which is mostly made of molten coal. As such, coal has become practically renewable with how much it’s in abundance.

H3: This planet is home to floating islands. No, not islands that float in the sky, islands that move on the water! The underside of the islands grows a kind of kelp that is very fast-growing, and looks almost like kudzu. It’s also extremely flame retardant and durable. This led to the creation of kelpzu plastic, which replaces plastic in some cases where it needs to be more malleable.

H4: This radioactive planet is home to few. However, it is important in that it has naturally-occuring gunpowder reserves that are at least 10x more powerful when processed.

Scientific Advances

At first, what was once a safe alternative to energy-enhancing medicine became a turning point of the decamillenium as it turned into a life prolonging drug! First, +10 years of lifespan. Then 100! By the end of the decamillenium, people who were 500 was possible. This is all thanks to Virtual Games Publishing.

Galactic Drama

The great mystery of the decamillenium, K6, K8, H4, and finally B4 were bombed! Neutron bombs quickly killed all humans on these planets, and all digital information within the planet was completely wiped. Thankfully, however, when B4 was bombed, the biotech animals were able to record and send out that the attacks were from neutron bombs. These attacks, already thousands of years in motion, were stopped after the galaxy came together to stop production of any of these bombs and attempt to find where they were coming from. It never came out WHO actually did it.

At the end of the decamillenium, Estivation Futures Unlimited came out with a mind-blowing discovery—intelligent aliens! While it takes nearly 100 years to reach them in a straight shot, and attempts at communication have so-far failed, due to Virtual Games Publishing’s life enhancing drugs, it will be possible to reach them soon.

Social Reform

The Heron Association lead the charge in safe trade policy somewhat forcefully throughout the galaxy. They created massive “Fixer Offices,” expansive buildings that are home to countless trade mercenaries who attack anyone that would attempt to trade without their support. They cracked down heavily on smuggling, and at the end of the first 5,000 years, Fixer Offices had shown their supremacy and now exist on every colonized planet.

Religious ideals that used to attack the notion of biotech has shifted with a campaign of one holy individual—Panthro of B-Tech, who made it his lifes work to not just change their minds, but make biotech holy in its own right.

A love of fighting has been instilled in new generations of humans, and now sparring is extremely popular amongst kids and adults, and battle-ready individuals is at an all time high, especially amongst the Kozen-Grak Krieger.


Instead of the Empyrean Dynasty planet generators, I used @Jim’s Any Planet is Earth generators to determine the planet type and what trade good it was gifted in.

Here is the space map at the end of Turn 1:

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Turn 2

Colonization Efforts

B10: This otherwise bountiful planet used to be full of an explosive gas. After countless years of siphoning it out, it was finally settled. In related news, B-Tech now has a vast quantity of explosive gas.

B11: This planet is filled with freshwater oceans that contain many vitamins and nutrients. It’s now almost possible to live on water alone.

B12: This planet is filled with columns of carbon.

B13: This planet’s bacteria decomposes almost all non-living waste! Hooray for no more trash!

B14: This planet has a breathable gas that also acts as an extremely valuable natural gas.

H5: A planet now dedicated to warriors, this planet holds the greatest battles across the galaxy. Its battles are televised across the galaxy.

Scientific Advances

B-Tech invents an advanced planetary defense system, which is installed on all of their planets.

Virtual Games Publishing’s consoles and video games are now in the hands of 99% of households across the galaxy!

The Heron Association dominates conflict on the ground with skilled warriors and innovative weaponry. Towards the end of this decamillenium, the Heron Association were dominantly taking back ground from the Kozen-Grak Krieger’s onslaught against the Fixer Offices!

Illicit drugs have never been pumped out with such speed as this decamillenium, especially on planets now without Fixer Offices.


The Kozen-Grak Krieger destroys all the Fixer Offices within their planets, but doesn’t stop there, and destroys some in B-Tech’s planets, proclaiming a new age of smuggling and narcotic use!

Humans that have attempted to come into contact with the aliens have all died, though Estivation Futures Unlimited appears to have made allies of them.

Space Map