Escaping to The Dreamlands

Hi. I’ve been making a little world in my commuting time to and from work as a means to escape and keep sane in a current busy period of life. I’ve used OSE to randomly generate hexes and encounters and interpreted from there. At the moment I feel like I have the general idea and I’ve been able to fit it on one page, so I thought I’d share it here.

Next up, I’m going to try and detail all the factions and encounters on separate pages, but I’m going to take my sweet time for it as it’s just a thing to relax and not to stress about. As such I’m not necessarily looking for constructive criticism (I’ll probably listen to it anyway), but I just want to share. And keep on sharing as I go on with it and dream things up.

The Dreamlands - Overview


I’ve detailed my process a bit more in a blogpost as I’d done all this work of making a screenshot and stuff and my blog was slowly dying anyway, so having something to revive it with is a good thing:

I present to you Arborix: King of the Forest. They are a Forest Dragon. They can be found in hex 15.
He’s not entirely done yet. I mean, I wanna re-write those spells and I’m working on dreaming up their nest/lair, etc. But I’m already happy enough to share this. In case people wonder why I’m not crediting artists. I drew this myself.

Arborix- King of the Forest


Wow this is fantastic, I love how you made the stat full page but not wasteful. One of the nicest B / X layouts I’ve seen.


I love Arborix so much

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Arborix is very good but also a lot of ideas on that map are also very good! I’m REALLY into the yip-yips. I want to know more about Empire People.

Weirdly, I’ve also had a campaign with mega-flora elves who ride giant insects. “Bugs as weird horses” always works. I propose seeding a settlement of giants beyond the megaflora elves. It answers some world questions (i.e. “why are these plants so big?”) while opening up the possibility of giant sized ruins.

I really want to see more! Really nice stuff here.

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Thank you! I was just “in the zone”, playing and dreaming. I wouldn’t know how to do that if I would purposefully try it I think. It also helps that they are one of the Big Boys (or however you say that genderless), which means that I can justify full page (though, it’s A4 landscape, so it’s basically half page).

I’ve finished the Arborix page and have shared it on my blog for your personal enjoyment as well!

For those curious to more lore about the Dreamwoods Arborix lives in: Good news! Having been ill I haven’t sat down a lot to write things now, but I have kept dreaming! The harder part is to keep things brief enough to fit a single page. Anyway, this is this for now. I might have to stat out and work more on the forest gnomes, since they deserve it. They have their own kind of magic, culture, etc. I’ve dreamt up bits of it, but am not sure how much I need to write down. In any case. I give you this as a teaser for now. A look into my daydreams.

As to the Random Encounter Table: I’m basing it off of this blogpost.

The Dreamwoods (15, 16)

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The Dreamwoods (15, 16)
This part has been finished. The green box will hopefully at one point be replaced by some Yip-Yip Birds art or something.
Next page that has been started is about the King of Snakes, to round this area out.

I’ve typed out some rumination about it on my blog.

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As a general layout principle I might avoid large blocks of italicized text. Especially if its dense and not broken up by headings. Also consider using darker colored text (that looks like maybe 70% gray?). Both make stuff easier to read.

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Oh, I agree and know. This is mainly for me so I don’t really bother that much (and it makes it easier to fit all on one page) but if I would actually publish and charge for it I would redesign it all.

Its head looks like a rodent (or fox or squirrel) a little? I dig that dragon a lot!

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Meet TYRANT, King of All Snakes, but shhh… be quiet, he’s asleep, and it seems like everyone wants to keep it that way. But why?

TYRANT - King of All Snakes