Finding cool RPGs — in your attic or basement?


Somebody on discord reminded me that I own(ed) a copy of the old City of Lies L5R boxed set. But I wasn’t sure *where it was hiding. Was it in my storage unit, molding and destroyed? Or maybe lost in my parents’ garage — a far drive out of state? Well … I found it! In the basement with some other random whatnot in the same box.

Subtopics for inspiration!

  • Do you have an old cache of RPGs locked away somewhere?

  • Have you found cool RPGs books at a thrift store or yard sale that really surprised you?

  • For folks who’ve sold or given away old books, do you think the new owner enjoyed them as much as you?


I’ve been incrementally transporting my old teenage trove from my mom’s basement to my too-small-to-accommodate-it apartment.

As a teen my gaming life was 80-90% collecting and reading and 10-20% somewhat frustrated playing…Some highlights from my first foray into the trove. Never could get anyone to play WFRP back in the day, but sure happy to have it now.

Trove haul shelf

[The WH40KRP stuff is, obviously, not from the teenage trove.]


Funny enough, just sold WFRP game on eBay… good book.

Lots of my old collection is inherited from my father, who played plenty of MERP back in the day. Any LOTR RPG is immediately enshrined and placed among the most valuable possessions. :slight_smile:



Opened up another random box - I also forgot that I own this Burning Wheel book. Huh!

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