Free RPG Day Haul!

As an up and coming retailer, I had the honor to purchase the Free RPG Day kit with a TON of stuff in it! I thought I’d show it off to you all.
Of note, besides the mathfinder and 5e stuff, Vast Grimm is an upcoming Mork Borg compatible Sci-Fi horror system! Came with a cool poster not shown. Fabula Ultima seems neat, a JRPG inspired… TTRPG. I think that riding a line between narrative and mechanical interaction is an aspect of RPGs I often don’t appreciate, although that’s a topic for Theory. Level 1 is like an ad-filled Dissident Whispers but only the micro-RPGs.
Excited to be able to give away some stuff for my grand opening early 2022!
Let me know if you have questions about any of them, I can supply more pics or tell you more.


I didn’t realize you were getting into retail, that’s really cool! I hope it goes well for you! If I ever do a print run of MRD and if you’d be interested in stocking it I’ll have to reach out ;). I’ve never been to a Free RPG Day; either I didn’t live somewhere that did it, or I was not aware / forgot, or Covid. When is it this year? I should find a place near me and go.

I’m not too huge on any of the “mainstream” games on that list, but some of those appear to be more my jam, and I will say I’m intrigued by that JRPG one.

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I didn’t even know that kit existed! very nice range of RPGS. let us know which one is a favourite out of the bunch, and congrats on going into retail as well. Is it an online store atm or physical?

Fabula Ultima seems promising. Good luck with that Grand Opening! Will the retail shop be both online and in a physical location?

@maxcan7 It was October 16th this year!
(you’re typically supposed to get them like the 15th, but I had some shipping delays)

@CapKudzu @tonytrandesign It’s going to be physical only. You can find us here:
Hoping to make a blog post on the site giving some reviews of the Free RPG Day stuff.


ah dang I missed it :(. Oh well next year.