Fronts in NSR-landia

To anyone with PbtA experience, does anyone have experience with using PBTA-style fronts with NSR games? I’m sure it’s easy enough to use, my questions is whether it’s a viable resource to reproduce the NSR feel?

I’m not sure if there is one thing to call “The NSR Feel”, but faction play tends to be important to the NSR, and as such it’s definitely portable. I tend to use it or things like it.

The only catch seems to be that some NSR games, if not most (?) the players might not care if their actions bring forth the apocalypse, as long as they can opportunistically gain loot. Which is fine. The players might enjoy seeing the repercussions of their own actions.

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So, playing for loot is the only thing that’s played for in NSR games?

I don’t think that’s always the case (as I said there doesn’t seem to be just one type of NSR), but it seems to be a driving factor how most of the games are written, with the gold for XP (in the OSR and alike) or paying off an otherwise unplayable debt that would be violently enforced if ignored (in Electric Bastionland).

But obviously some of the fun is exploring what lines the characters are willing to cross to get money. (Which fronts can be used for).

Another big, driving factor is exploration, because that is fun in itself, but there should be a reason for the characters to do so. Fronts there could be things unwittingly awakened, etc.

Great. Thanks for the clarification.

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