Game Ideas Mega Thread: Games you want to run

I posted this wishlist of games to another forum.

New To Me Games

  • Twilight Throne
  • To Tread the Spiral Path
  • Stealing the Throne
  • This Night on the Rooftop (or another BoB game)
  • Babes in the Woods
  • Fedora Noir
  • External Containment Bureau
  • Scene Thieves
  • Scum and Villainy

"Hacks" (many of these are full-fledged game ideas)

  • Hearts of Wulin in 19th-century Russia
  • New iteration of Checkpoint Midnight (my PbtA game of supernatural espionage in Cold War Vienna)
  • Labyrinth Lake (Stranger Things meets The Vast of Night, Carved from Brindlewood)
  • Vow of the Knight-Aspirants (squires questing through a dark fairy-tale wood, PbtA)
  • Walking Shadow Touring Company (Shakespearean actors hunt monsters, PbtA)

Setting Drifts for Magical Multiverse Tour
Magical Multiverse Tour is my mega-series of using different indie systems to run games set on the various planes of Magic: The Gathering

  • Something cyberpunk for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
  • Agon for Theros
  • Hogwarts RPG for Strixhaven
  • Apocalypse World Amonkhet
  • Cartel for Streets of New Capenna

I might just do that!

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I’ve been thinking of reskinning/stocking Blancmage & Thistle and run it as a christmas game, with festive character backgrounds. The tricky part is keeping the irreverence of troika when dealing with a story that I myself find important. The main idea is that the characters arrive and take the last room as done in the original game but then after them a couple comes in of which the woman is highly pregnant and there’s no more room in the hotel. Also, this time there’s no feast of the chiliarch, but he does want all his people counted (and hey, since it’s the time of the year, there is a christmas party going on on the roof.)

Some backgrounds I’ve been thinking about: Pregnant virgins, Royal Counters (they are very good at counting, they have many fingers), shepherds looking for a newborn prince, stargazers looking for a newborn prince, the catalan pooping guy, A jolly saint who is also very serious about theology and can throw a puch, something like that.

I think it would be funny reskinning he encounters, having multiple christmass traditions represented. The scandinavian christmass lads, krampus, a stingy accountant, spirits of christmas past, present and future, etc.

I had a new idea pop into my head on the commute home from work. What is Keep on the Borderlands, but all the strangeness is in the Castellan’s head, like some kind of Don Quichote de La Mancha thing! Creatures in the cave? Just dirty miners with strange equipment that makes weird, inhuman noises. Stuff like that.

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