Good adventure for someone who’s never run before?

My girlfriend has never run a game before and she thinks she might want to try. What would be a good adventure to give her that she could run for me?

I feel like Lair of the Gobbler would be perfect if I weren’t already familiar with the adventure. So, are there any small dungeons about that size that I might not have heard of?

I could give her a random Trilemma adventure that I don’t know well but I feel like some of those can get really weird. So, a simple premise (again, like Lair of the Gobbler) would be appreciated.

P.S. If it’s not obvious, I want things I’m not familiar with so that what happens during the game will surprise me, so please don’t spoil the adventure too much!


Trilemma is a good call. The Coming of Sorg is cool.
You mentioned a DURF adventure. There are a whole lot out there: The Rot King’s Sanctum is rad.
Also a bunch of Highland Paranormal Society (and who couldn’t love that art!). The Moldy Unicorn, Dogtooth Valley, Who’s Child is this? The list goes on.

Also see The Will of Rot and The Heaven Prophet’s Tomb.


I’m not sure how good she is at improvising, but I like Mount Zorgoth by Highland Paranormal Society. There’s gonna be some work on the spot (or in advance, I guess) of deciding how you get up the mountains, what rules to use for that, etc. I like to use really, really simple systems, like Roll For Shoes or RISUS, and those are my only experiences with this adventure.

If it doesn’t need to be OSR/NSR I would suggest Lady Blackbird by John Harper. Again, improv heavy, but very fun.

Tony Dowler also had a blog where he drew small dungeons, and posted one a day. You can find it here: but it’ll probably take some time for her to find one she likes and to stat them up.