House on the Hill Adventure Feedback

Hi everyone,

I am writing my first adventure, and would like some feedback on it. The full adventure at version 0.1 is available here:

This is a system-agnostic haunted house adventure. From the intro…

This adventure takes place in a deserted house on a hill. There are several things going on in this house:

- A cult has taken up residence in the excavated basement, trying to summon a demon
- A humanoid monstrosity has been living in the mausoleum in the family plot
- The ghosts of the former residents of the house reenact scenes from their life
- Sentient books talk endlessly in their prison of a library
- A collection of statues in the attic move just when out of sight

I will take feedback on any aspect of this: in-fiction elements, adventure hooks, formatting & layout, my bare-bones maps, or anything else you want.

There’s a lot that could be fleshed out in this (e.g. the town), but I’m looking for feedback on what I have written, not as much on what I could write.

I will also happily take appendix N recommendations, other reading, etc.

Thanks in advance!


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