I hope it is OK to announce my kickstarter for Expect Three Visitors?

A Christmas Carol is a much-loved story centred around Scrooge - a thoroughly unlikeable character whose life is transformed by encounters with a series of spirits. It has been filmed many times, and in many styles. The story of his redemption has been told by actors, singers, cartoon characters and even muppets.

Scrooge’s Greed is probably the best known of the “seven deadly sins”, but why can’t we tell stories about people whose’ lives suffer from an unchecked relationship to any of the other seven deadly sins? What about people who are ruining the lives of people around them because of their pride, their wrath, their gluttony, their envy, their lust, or their sloth? Can they be rescued too?

To add drama to this story game, we have the possibility of failure alongside success. Some will be redeemed and change their life around, and some will not… and end the game in despair.

Each player inhabits two roles: that of a Spirit who frames a scene for another player at the table and that of a Client, who is being shown a scene from their life from another player at the table (another Spirit).

The game progresses through a series of Scenes for each Client: An introduction, a vision of the past, a vision of the present, and a vision of the future. The introduction is used to show the Client what a terrible person they are. Additional supporting characters are introduced and played by other players at the table.

Throughout the game, playing cards are used to prompt the themes, story beats, and topics of each Scene.

At the end of the game, each Spirit has one remaining card which they use to cast a vote for the Client they think deserves redemption and a changed life.

Would you like to help me bring this game to reality?