Is there "Happy" NSR?

My first impressions based on your description of what sort of narrative you are looking for, is that you’re looking for Hopepunk games. There are two game jams from last year that would probably be of interest to you, the Applied Hope jam and the Solarpunk jam. Both pages also offer great examples and an introduction to the genre.

Hopepunk as a genre exists to be a direct counter to grimdark. Try as I might, nearly every RPG campaign I’ve ever run eventually becomes hopepunk. And I’ll add my hat to the ring here and say that I, too, am trying to design more hopepunk games and settings, specifically in the vein of “Ghibli with a healthy dose of Legend of Zelda”.


There are some great posts here! Thank you @Hasimir for your mechanic ideas, all great points. Thanks, @deldon for the links, I will have a look. I always understood Hopepunk to be opposed to dystopian Cyberpunk and more in the Sci Fi and less in the fantasy genre.

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