Journals for solo play

Do you keep a journal for solo games? If so, how do you organize it? Do you have an established shorthand for note-taking? How do you make it work, and how would you like it to work better?

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I’ve not used a solo play journal.
I’m not usually motivated to stop playing and then write.
I heard some folks have used personal discord servers to keep track of their journey, which seems interesting.


I’ve not done much solo play, but I do use a journal. It slows things down a little, but also makes me consider the exact words that I’m using, and in that way serves as a really good writing exercise.

I’d imagine that whether you use a journal or not may depend to some extent upon whether you do much creative writing in the rest of your life.


Fortuitous timing: this popped up a day or two after I started the thread:

I’ve used a few different paper journals. Mostly I use it to keep track of the narrative elements of a few starforged games. I treat it like a script, with dialogue and some basic narration. I don’t make note of mechanical stuff.

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