Let's Build: Kaiju

Slowly working on this table, I’ve got a few of my own and a few from Roque Romero:


  1. Mars en Venus: Massive ironwood tree rooted within the corpse of a titan. Flowers sprouting from its eyesockets, horn of braided branches punctured through the forehead. Shambles in jerky motions, roots and branches replacing necrotic muscles, veins, and arteries, and reinforcing the bones.
  2. Mother at the Gate: An indescribably massive creature at the other end of Yog-Sothoth. From tears in reality formed from burst bubbles of The Gate, she can be seen pressed against the edge of reality. A vaguely humanoid figure with jaundiced skin, ill-defined fat, musculature, and bone structure- more like the abstract concept of the humanoid form. No hair, genitalia, nails, ears, or any facial features. Three glassy, two-dimensional planes project in front of her face, two displaying eyes and one a mouth, all oversized. The planes engage in repetitive actions such as saccadic eye movements, blinks, and lip movements. Produces no sound except for when crying and vomiting liquid starfire, from which skyscraper-sized “children” fall. Most of her appearance is inferred from these “children”- at the edge of the gate little more than her plane-eyes or mouth can be seen. A vague sense of maternalism or Munchausen by proxy aside, her behavior is in no way comprehensible to mortals.

Roque Romero:

  1. A mascot from an alien civilization, almost like the marshmallows guy from Ghostbusters but more alien… Truth is it is filled with different sized organisms, one inside the other, but all strangely silly and colourfully gore.
  2. Giant sticky golem (originally an iron cursed skull, still in its core) formed by everything it touches, it started with furniture but can stick cars, small buildings and living beings.

I’ve got at least one more for an upcoming game and a couple I haven’t written yet but have in my head. Also, Mother at the Gate I borrowed from a very old blog post of mine but I might move it over to a different setting 0.o.

Here are a handful more:

Eerie White Light: Pillar of white light streaking with smoky tendrils as it elegantly glides across the city. Vaguely, an attractive androgynous ambiguous figure can be seen dancing or strutting seductively within the pillar. Those bathed in its light experience momentary overstimulating pleasure-pain as their lives wash away, leaving behind empty, smiling corpses.

Doctor Hand: Disembodied inhuman white hand. Too lithe, too many tight, roping muscles, too many veins and arteries, too many fingers. High-frequency nails emit surgically precise laser beams, cutting purposefully complex patterns towards unknown ends.

Encrypta Yaga: Living idea that hijacks screens, reflective surfaces, and other signals. It hides in broad daylight, subliminally influencing consumers. It has been on display in Shibuya Crossing and Times Square for some time, nobody is sure exactly how long. It’s witches have invaded virtual realities, zoom meetings, and videogames. An unusual patch of blinking lights across the world, believed to be a message from Encrypta Yaga, are being recorded and analyzed from satellites in orbit. The message is yet to be fully decoded, and the satellites have begun to exhibit… unusual behaviors.

Macroversa: High-dimensional hyper-sphere magnifier. Inside the stadium-sized floating aquarium exist microscopic creatures across known and unknown spacetimes at macroscopic scale; tardigrades, human gut bacteria, long extinct proto-organisms, inconceivable aliens, cancerous cells, and extra-dimensional creatures.

Celestial Predator: A constellation of distant stars in the shape of a feral smiling face like an aggressive animal baring its teeth. Never seen in the same place twice. For thousands of years it has watched over us keenly, just out of sight, waiting until the perfect moment to strike and devour our world whole in a single bite. As it bares closer, finally yet ephemerally in view, we each feel a single bead of cold sweat run down our necks, and smell the adrenaline of our collective fear in the air. Listen to that feeling- the danger is real.

Dying Breath Banshee: Eldritch kaiju satyr in a translucent tube. Her chest is torn open and instruments pump air and fluids in the heart and lungs which pulse against the surface of the tube as if trying in vain to escape. The exposed head, not quite human nor goat, chokes and breathes in eerie, dissonant whistles like the violin strings of a horror movie score, and not quite human nor goat blood-curdling shrieks.

King Kevorkian: Like a biblical angel by way of Jack Kirby and the Radiation Symbol. According to Psyr Psimon Stilton, it is the third god which the Monkey King could not defeat. It waits in Squaretime, biding its time fumigating Time Worms, serving either as the beacon of the <danger message>, or the executioner of its will, or both.