Let's make some magic items!

In true old school style, preferably weird zany items over standard +1 type weapons. Feel free to include any gems you’ve got lying around too.

I’ll start!

Bottle of Silence
Can be poured into a room, filling it with quiet. Beware, it’s notoriously annoying to scoop back up.


Here’s a list of one’s I’ve enjoyed in my games. No real description, just names.

  • Unbreakable lasso
  • Transform ring
  • Switcheroo orb
  • Gremlin in a jar
  • Living rope
  • Irresistible treats
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Shot Put of Translocation

A hefty rock which will magically swap places with its thrower after striking anything solid.


I’ve got a few, many of them are from my science-fantasy campaign or my UVG campaign:

  • A wooden box with a small talisman in it. If the box is closed when the talisman is not inside of it anything currently inside of the box switches places with the talisman.
  • The Hell Gun, a laser weapon forged by the humanoid-hating AIs inhabiting the dimension of Tartarus. It has a fleshy appearance. When held in the hand, the eye at the front of the weapon opens up and scans the area in front of the weapon, while mentally probing the user. It then fires at whatever target the user hates the most. The user can roll a check to attempt to control their emotions and select the target instead.
  • The Astrolabe, a sealed transparent sphere containing a swarm of nanomachines. Through unknown means, the nanomachines show a continuously updated scale model of the current star system. The scale goes down to tracking the position of every starship in a system, although it does not render details of the specific ships.
  • Electrified Spear, a commonly used anti-vome weapon. The spear head is hooked up to a scavenged battery, which allows it to fry electronics.
  • Xerox Machine, a wonder of the ancient world. It can copy an entire spell book in a matter of minutes, threatening to disrupt the balance of magical power among wizard factions.
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A gift from your estranged uncle Zanthar
Wooden puppet that attempts to do one mundane task per tooth deposited through a door in it’s hollow skull. New tasks will only be performed in exchange of new teeth. The magic can be fooled but at risk of the new task going afoul with the old.


The Demon-Devourer (d8; d10 vs demons, bulky)
Curved two-handed greatsword. A golden blade ornamented with electric blue script in a fel language. The sword is covered in the blasphemous names of the demons it has devoured. Critical damage against a demon consumes and imprisons them, and their name immediately appears upon the weapon.

  • Make a WIL save upon devouring. Save with advantage if you know the demon’s true name. On a fail, the script violently explodes off of the blade for 1d12 damage to anyone within 100 feet and all imprisoned demons are unleashed back into the world. Wielder is deprived until another demon is devoured.
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Well traveled - tin of dried fruits
A tin filled with an assortments of bite size dried fruits. On consumption you speak a different language that is not native to you for 10 minutes.


I made some magic items inspired by Philippine legends and epics. Stuff like:

  • A shield that transforms into a canoe
  • A comb that forces into eternal sleep whoever’s hair it runs through
  • A ladle that turns into stone anyone who eats from it

The Spear of Tiny Des
Long before the river carved it’s way to the sea, the Great Pixie Lord Tiny Des was convinced that they were the greatest spear fighter to ever live. Frustrated at not being able to fight larger people, they spent their kingdom’s fortune to create a spear that would transform opponents to their own size.

This ornate spear is about 2 inches long. When the wielder takes hold of it they immediately change sizes to be completely proportional to the spear as if it were 6 feet long. Losing contact with spear causes the wielder to instantly regain their former dimensions.

@Aidymouse - Thought I’d share a quick mockup of your item!
Sorry, this might break the combo thread.

Front - Bottle of Silence @Aidymouse

Thanks for starting this thread!

Notes: Created in Figma, using public domain images I really wanted to try out since joining NSR discord. (This is Figma source file)

Source: Logo by @AdamHensley - Magic item copy by @Aidymouse - Images from Tom Chalky mystery box + @Tam design resource thread.


Oh, I really like the idea of making some sort of collaborative item deck.
Especially if we could format it for printing at home, you can easily make a good deck by cutting out cards and putting them in a sleeve with some sort of trading card.


Nice! Figma is a great tool. I use it daily for work. Mocked up some interactive rpg compaign materials too.

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Holy crap! Looks much better than my drawing :laughing:

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I have a big deck of index cards with magic items. I make sure to draw every one even though I’m not a great artist. I think it’s so cool if you can hand a card to a player once they find an item, and they get something interesting to look at.

Only problem is since getting into the OSR my magic items are now mostly a sentence or two and an index card is a little too big!

haha, cannot take all the credit - it was all public domain image of someone far greater in the illustration department than me. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Hoberdy’s Lantern A dried, hollowed out green gourd with a wick that will continue to burn without any apparent fuel. Instantly snuffs out in the presence of restless spirits.
  • Soup’s Bowl A large, intact black tortoise shell. Discoloration on the interior suggests it’s been used as messware. If the shell is filled with soup or stew, a baby tortoise emerges from the broth. He responds only to the name “Soup,” and is surprisingly intelligent. Any meal eaten in the presence of Soup is particularly delicious and filling. Anyone who attempts to harm Soup will find themselves unable to keep food down for the next week.
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a baby tortoise

Soup’s Bowl is now my favorite magic item


He’s just a little guy, you see

  • Skull Of Languages
    A skull scrimshawed with many words, grants comphrension of different languages.
  • Slavers Needle
    An iron needle, stab it into someones back and they cannot disobey your direct orders.
  • Doorsmith’s Hammer
    A sledgehammer that violently opens any mundanely sealed door with a single swing.
  • Door Paste
    A toothpaste-esq tube, the contents can be smeared upon a wall in the shape of a door (any size so long as you have enough paste) which manifest temporarily allowing passage through the wall (it fades with time).
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