Links to open in new tab

Might it be possible to get links on the site to open to a new tab automatically? Would help in keeping up with resources/games mentioned in conversation instead of having to right-click everything.

People may just prefer it the way it is, I have no data for either way.


Try CMD+click on mac or CTRL+click on PC.

I am mostly on mobile and would really love links auto opening a new tab.

Thrice agreed, I’ll see about working out how to do that with other mods, as long as no one brings any major objections to the table.

Alright, we set it so for new users this will be the default, but it looks like if your already onboard you’ll have to change it manually in your own settings. Doesn’t seem to override users existing preferences.


I am glad it is a setting we can choose one way or the other - I am a big proponent of not changing default browser behaviors. After all, you can always middle click / do a long hold on mobile to open in a new tab.