List of influential blog posts

Hi y’all! I thought some of y’all would find this useful: it’s an annotated chronological listing of over 100 blog posts from 2006 to 2021, which have been in some way influential on (or representative of) the development of the OSR play style. Hope y’all like it! And also, if you have any suggestions for other posts to include, I’m all ears! :blush:

I’ve also since expanded the page to list some forum threads and book publications from 2000 (i.e. starting with D&D 3E) to 2019, in case y’all also find that interesting.


Wish this link hadn’t suffered so from age, but here’s the eldest occurrence of Usage/Resource Die I’ve been able to find. They’re called “cascading die” here, but these would go on to inform a lot of design in that direction:


This is wonderful, thank you! Going to add it with my next batch :slight_smile:

This is such a cool collection of links! This thread is a great look at old-school dungeon design, and I’ve seen it mentioned a ton in blog posts, so it might fit in your forum threads collection.

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I definitely want to mention (as some of you have heard from me over and over again! :grin:) Links to Wisdom as a place to post these things that is also community edited.

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Thank you! I ended up including it with the blog posts, since it seems in that vein :slight_smile: