Magic Items: books or blog suggestions

What are everyone’s favorite resources for fun magic items in OSR games? Anything and everything - items for Into the Odd, Troika, Old School Essentials, Mutant Crawl Classics, etc. Do you have your own d100 list of things you like to use? :smiley:


I have been finding AV&ES very interesting with their one off posts of various items like Monsters and Magic Items:

The list of Magic Items can be found here

The author creates evocative mini-stories demonstrating the item and that can be really helpful in my opinion.


Here are a few of mine (d100 tables):

I definitely prefer Magic Items to be kind of like Keys for Locks I haven’t thought of yet when the players get a hold of them and like to encourage sprinkling in a little more wonder than just a mechanical bonus.


Hey, thank you for the mention, I appreciate that and I am glad that you like the blog.


Awesome and happy to pass it along! I didn’t know if you were here, but knew @ktrey was.

Both blogs are great grist for the mill!


very very cool. I will give it read. oh and welcome to Cauldron! :- )

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Here is A LOT: Encyclopedia Magica - Tables - The Homebrewery

This is the weird: Alone in the Labyrinth: Artefacts of the Others

5E standards:

The subprime: D50 Questionably Useful Magic Items – Weird Elf Games


Just because I just updated it: the crowd-sourced list of Relics from the Cairn/NSR community. Some fun stuff in there.

Also d100 Oddities, not all magical but still fun.


Thank you both very much! I was not sure if I was on here before or not; complications of sporecery and doing this too long, although my little bat icon leapt over here without my help. Great to be here either way.

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One of my favorite resources to add is James V. West’s Black Pudding zine. I am currently running an Iron Falcon game and one player picked the random character sheet with Sinewy Barbarian and the other Star Wizard (two of the three classes I snagged from Black Pudding) and they are having fun with it.

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