Man Proselytizing To Fish

Inaugural inspiration post



What is it in this image that inspires you in particular?

Me, greedily converting to an Affinity palette over here. I love the look on his face, and the rapt attention from the fish.

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Feels like a proper weird holy man/saint/cleric sort of thing to do, well befitting a fantasy setting, but a bit out of the norm for most depictions of fantasy clerics and priests, so hopefully it inspires others as well as me to have some more fun with holy man sorts and go in for weirder interactions with the world. Like giving a sermon to fish!


proselytizing to, and potentially converting, schools of fish, and various other swarms to you and your deity’s service would be a pretty great thing for a PC to be able to try

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This is great! Love the colour palette in this one, the levels of blacks in this reminds me of contemporary comic book inking. My favourite part of this is the foreground fish, it’s the only one with semi-human eyes.
A wild shaped nemesis… cue: dramatic thunder


Tam, you’re honestly making me turn into a Inkscape-vector converting free-art hoarder. You know I can’t drive anywhere anymore without looking out the window and going “Oh jeez, that would be a DOPE vector of a chainlink fence/really crusty brick wall with stuff on it/old car if I just stopped right here and took a picture …”


Gives off great Saint Francis of Assisi vibes. He famously preached to animals, asking them to be quiet during his sermon and they obeyed. Supposedly a raven or a flock of birds followed his body as it was carried through town before it got buried. He’s got a fascinating legend.

Classic DnD has lots of ‘crazy hermits’ living in the woods or something. This would be a great encounter for that in my opinion!

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Reminds me of Gustava Baumann, a printmaker whose work I discovered and fell in love with a few years ago.

Baumann’s stuff was mostly of the landscape where he settled in the Southwestern U.S., so not the same content, but the style and color palette strikes me as similar.

Here’s an example