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I was looking at @yochaigal 's blogpost about Inspirational Sources and wanted to comment a little. Maybe even start a thread here without Disqus!!

I had really wanted to like Little, Big and may have to return to it. I think Crowley’s really excellent book (I have read it twice now!!) is Ka: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr. Such a great folk tale spanning thousands of years and a number of different cultures. Good story and good grist for that mill.

I also appreciate the listing of Jewish folk tales. I’d love to get more info about that! This is definitely going into the Links to Wisdom!

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Yay without Disqus!

Crowley can be… interesting. I actually struggled a bit with Ka, though some bits did speak to me. Have you read Engine Summer? It is probably his most approachable book (and one of his earliest). I probably could have added a lot more fiction, but these were the titles that came to mind. And if you can believe it there are even more Jewish folk tale collections I didn’t add!

Thanks for the kind words.

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I had to give back Engine Summer when my local library was doing late fees; I just ran out of time. Now that they stopped, I may have to get it again!! I’d be curious if you have more specifics regarding your struggle with Ka.

I think my struggle with Little, Big was that it didn’t quite grab me fast enough. However, you are the third person that has posted or talked about it recently for me. It is going back on the list too.

Might I also say that more libraries should get rid of late fees. It is such a needless barrier for folks.

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I enjoyed Ka, but I did have trouble with the flow of it, I guess? I did like many of the stories (especially the first human relationship).

For Little, Big I connected quite strongly with the fairy tales in a modern world themes, but especially some of the stories in a story (the one about the mouse and winter, the one about the sibling lovers, etc). I dunno, it just worked for me, I guess? I can see why some folks bounce from it though.

Agreed, government services should not be punitive.

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