NSR Style Modern Urban Fantasy Modules?

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I’m interested in running some modern urban fantasy adventure modules, and poking around there don’t seem to be very many published in the past 5-8 years, and basically none in an OSR/NSR style. This is prompted by Diogo Nogueira’s War of the Magi, which is crowdfunding now through Gallant Knight games, but I’m struggling to find much else. There’s some in the trad/trindie space, especially in the New World of Darkness lines, I know there are some Liminal adventures. Obviously, all of the Lovecraftian mystery games have tons of modules, Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, etc… But there’s not much of anything OSR/NSR. It seems like a genre that would very well suited to the style of play, Location based (in a city, easy to map), faction play, exploration of space and social relationships. There are games that would be great for playing modern urban fantasy modules, like Emmy Allen’s Esoteric Enterprises, and Diogo Nogueira’s Dark Streets and Darker Secrets. But honestly, outside of Diogo’s stuff, and Richard Ruane’s Moonlight at Rosedale Beach, all of which are great, what is there?

So, why do you think this is? Is it just that the people working in this space aren’t interested in modern urban fantasy? Is there something more fundamental that I’m missing? Or is it my imagination and there’s plenty of modern urban fantasy modules for NSR style play, and I just don’t know about them?


I don’t know about modules, but Electric Bastionland is pretty big in this community and it has city pointcrawl generation procedures.


Maybe Silent Legions.would also fit the bill? A bit Lovecraftian though. Silent Legions - Sine Nomine Publishing | DriveThruRPG.com

I don’t know of anything else sadly. Seems there is not much interest in the NSR/OSR space for that genre.

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Not exactly urban fantasy, but I’ve been thinking of adapting some Call of Cthulhu / Delta Green modules using the very cool ItO hack, Agents of the O.D.D.. It’s just an idea at the moment. :smiley_cat: