Off Topic Section?

Can there be an off-topic section? I have something I’d like to share, that is tangentially RPG-related but only in a loose sense and probably wouldn’t be appropriate for any of the specific sections that currently exist. If you’re deliberately avoiding that for some reason then so be it, but I think it would be a shame not to have that option, barring some specific reason not to do so.

EDIT: I guess I could post what I was going to post in Inspiration, but would prefer to hear back on the possibility of this first.

We are not going to have an off-topic section, as they are a breeding ground for bad actors. We would prefer people put RPG-related (no matter how thin the relation) into the relevant categories (with tags!).


Ok that’s fair, in that case I’ll put what I was going to say in inspiration, thanks.


Don’t forget about theory!

In this particular case, I actually think it probably makes more sense to go in Inspiration but I’ll double-check Theory…

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I think this is wise. I’m glad that people use #off-topic in the NSR discord for posting recipes (like foodie stuff), but I’m afraid what an “off topic” section might look like in a bigger forum.