Play Report smorgasbord

This here thread is for accumulated plays report for those who want to add to what’s out there but not necessarily track an entire topic for their campaign.

ie. perfect for one-shots and episodic play


Play Report! ─ odnd does Orbital Vampire Tower

Dramatis Personae

  • Jess plays The Vision of Mannea, lv4 elf wizzerd
  • Darren plays Ned Arbelest, lv4 duarf space trucker

Eventis Happenus

  • party are tasked by Farmer Wilson to find his missing son, Mattothy
  • boy was last seen by a strange porcelain obelisk in Silur Chá swamp
  • investigate the area, scaring off some mud monkeys with a car alarm
  • touch the obelisk, beamed to some strange tower mansion place
  • there’s a ton of damage about, and they find an amnesiatic man from a strange tube
  • fairly soon realise they’re ABOVE the planet :open_mouth:
  • they gingerly investigate the area, splatting some distended chaos godthings and casting demeonic assassin to denature an angel
  • talk with a skellington doctor and ask him to find the tip of the teleportation device
  • find a fancy room with a two-way scrying mirror and accidentally call this other vampire lady who sends goons to the tower
  • have a chat with the vampire lord who’s about to enjoy the company of Mattothy, himself hopped up on way way too much blood (literal blood-boosting!)
  • prepare to meet the vampire goons but instead steal their ship and crash it back into the planet
  • Farmer Wilkins is glad to see the back of his son and pays the party in a lifetime’s supply of meat! (he’d assumed it’d be a human who won the prize and may end up complicating matters for his other, healthier sons)


  • Ned gains three magic daggers
  • The Vision of Mannea gains two magic wands
  • each character gains one level
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Quarrel + Fable does A Floral Fantasy

Dramatis personae

  • KENNEN | SK.09 ST.17 06 LK.08 05 ¬ crush 3 2 ¬ terror 3 0 ¬ lament 3
    equipment | longspear d3, 1 provision
    notes | 17ŋ debt to brothel; due to be executed tomorrow at noon

Dramatic personage

  • enter formal gardens to a fountain chamber without a statue; single bower exit with budding flowers
  • head towards garden of picnic benches and dripping sound but attacked en route!
  • it attacks but misses, taking 1 damage on the counter; I press my assault and deal another 2; the beast withdraws
  • continue to picnic benches, take brief pause, ATTACKED AGAIN! its surprise just misses and I deal another 2 damage, then twist and attack but take a whopping bite for 6. it presses for another hit of 5 ─ and I’m down to 6 STAMINA!! I lean on my aggressive training and strike sure for 2 damage ─ the fiend again flees
  • take a moment to eat a provision, recovering 3
  • press on down one of four leafy bowers, ambushed AGAIN but the surprise goes wide and I jab my spear for 2 damage then twist it hard for a further 3; the creature tries to flee but it looks ruined so I try to stop it, but it just knows these paths better than me (it’s on 1 STAMINA ffs)
  • this garden has a potting shed and a load of torn uniforms. looks like others succumbed to the beast weeks ago. two additional exits from here, both with tight budding flowers
  • head along and motherfucker wouldn’t you know it but ambushed AGAIN!!! its bite is true and I take 5 damage ─ now I’m at 4. I lash out in panic and my spear lands true, finally piercing that nightmare beast’s heart and the thing thuds to the gravel path and I can finally get a proper look at it ─ long as an anaconda, wide as a rhino, wet as snot. it seems the work of sorceroers
  • on to another garden with picnic benches, though against the other hedgerow this time. take some time to scoff more provisions (gaining 2)
  • down another leafy path to a kitchen garden, its floor thick with brickdust and its beds growing strange black strawberries ─ I try one and they are pleasantly filling (recovering another STAMINA)
  • finally on towards the exit: another vegetable garden, though this one reeking of rot. there’s a trelliswork wardrobe of sorts too
  • I manage to leave the gardens and follow a simple underground stream miles downstream. those hours pass without stresses and I’m even able to catch a slight nap before my overland flight when dawn eventually breaks. away, Kennan, away!
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Tomb of the Serpent Kings with the Cairn 2e Playtest


  • Valan, an Outrider with their trusted steed
  • Stylo, a Scrivener that knows the secret language of beasts (can speak with animals)
  • Hazle, a Foundling with an amulet that glows near magic
  • later Ruck, a Bonekeeper trapped between life and death


The party hears of a dungeon recently unearthed in a landslide an heads out in search for treasure. They enter the false tomb, having to leave Valan’s horse behind. Breaking open the first clay sarcophagus Hazle and Valan get slightly injured by the poisonous gas inside. Valans player agues with me that they should have been far enough away. I make the call that they are affected but try ask more often where everyone is.

They break the other sarcophagus from far away and collect trinkets, a magical scroll they can’t identify and a magical ring none dares to put on. Even after some investigating they still trigger the hammer door trap but miraculously all survive. They quickly deal with the skeletons and proceed to the upper tomb.

I made up some snake deities related to War (hinting at Traps), Agriculture, Judgement, Secrets (hinting at secret passages), Birth, and Magic for the statues in the dungeon. Since Stylo can speak with snakes I let her read some words of the snake-men language.

They loot the empty rooms in the upper tomb, always keeping a save distance to the pool, but don’t dare to enter the room with the lightning trap after smelling ozone trough the door. Seeing the cobra guardian they turn around and eventually find the secret passage to the basilisk hall. Moving quickly along the wall they circle around the room and find the secret door to the fungus goblin lair. They encounter some goblins but pacify them with food.

The party returns to town and buy a quiver to safely get the loot from the pool in the upper tomb. They find an amulet that makes one of your eyes fall out, but you can still see through it. Hazle decides to enter the room smelling of ozone and promptly gets killed by the lightning trap. Stylo uses the unidentified scroll on his corpse, it was a guts to snakes scroll and she gets two snake servants. Since she can speak with snakes they are very useful. Valan puts on the magical ring found earlier and grows a venomous reptile claw. We ended our first session here.

At the start of the next session Ruck joins the party as a replacement for Hazle. Exploring more of the lower tomb they find the locked door to the treasure room. They encounter a skeleton jelly just as Valan gets trapped by magical shackles. Keeping the jelly at bay with burning oil they barely break free in time before leading the jelly into a pit trap.

In the summoning room they encounter a trapped Fae disguised as a lost villagers. Figuring out quickly that it is not a ordinary human, they try to get it to promise not to harm anyone and I try to get around that. This quickly becomes annoying. Finally the Fae promises to not harm them or the nearby village and to stay outside the dungeon for three days helping them learn more about the snake men, so they free it.

Later they meet Xiximanter, the immortal snake-men alchemist. They immediately tell him about the collapse of the snake-men empire, I decide to not have him become enrage and just not believe them. The players weren’t really interested in him and never interacted with him again.

The party makes camp outside the dungeon and the Fae magically teaches Stylo the snake-men language and thanks to a successful WILL save there aren’t even any side effects. Now being able to read all scrolls looted earlier she realizes that they already have found the magical word to banish the Fae.

Entering the dungeon again they discover the key to the throne room in the goblin lair, purchase it with more food, and loot the snake-men crown.

The party returns to town again and buys as much food as they can transport with three people and one horse. They use the food to convince the fungus goblins to get the treasure room key from the basilisk for them. This leads to nearly all of the goblins being petrified and eaten but the party obtains the key. Opening the treasure room they are rewarded with a mountain of gold, some weapons, and a scroll of mass guts to snakes.

Ruck decides to banish the Fae and when the party leaves the dungeon it is gone, but a mushroom circle with a large gemstone in the middle has appeared. Ruck steps into the circle and is never seen again.


  • Hazle has perished
  • Ruck became trapped in the Fae realm
  • Valan and Stylo obtained a mind boggling amount of gold and magical artifacts

Tomb of the Serpent Kings is written by Skerples and available for free here.
Cairn 2e Playtest is written by Yochai Gal and available for free here.

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