Project: Cauldron CC 4.0

I’ve been noodling around with a concept for sometime. Ideas on CC 4.0 in the TTRPG space via the concept of The Free Library

@yochaigal has created a nice nook here, which I plan to utilise this space more and create some … for the lack of a better word - exclusive artwork for this place on the internet. Will always keep it free for the folks here, and I would also open this up to everyone to contribute with this thought in mind.

Currently drafting this idea as I write this post, as to be honest - I’m not a forum poster and I am much of a lurker than anything, for all my parasocial activities anyway. I’ve had a hard time staying in the whole social circle/platforms so I think this might be a nice place to set up a tent, but I digress…

So… since I’m not 100% on how this will work.
I’m going to start uploading some of my current free CC 4.0 art (From my last Cairn jam) to kick things off.

Which you will be able to use for your systems, adventures or other TTRPG projects.

Now, the original format was to link into other topics… but that could get messy and restrictive? not sure. Also I’m hosting these onto google drive. The collaboration aspect of this project would need some fine tuning and probably some co-op file organisation assistance in the best way to file manage if people are participating.

I guess we’ll try something now; won’t overthink this, and I can always keep editing this 1st post to update links.

Edit: Oh neat - there is a poll feature.

  • Create separate topics for each system
  • As above but instead topic/library sort by Genre.
  • Keep it this one thread, and play by ear (Current state)
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That it from me!
(Plays a VHS: Wizard of OZ - the flying monkey scene)

Project: Cauldron CC 4.0

  • updated as of TBC


Cairn - [Google drive link] - Last update: 20/07/2023

Includes the following:

  • Borders & Frames
  • Characters & Creatures
  • Plants
  • Stone
  • Symbol
  • Trees

Another system TBC - [[Link goes here]] - Last update: TBC

Includes the following:

  • Nothing yet

Making this forum a place where we all share, not only ideas, but also resources is a really great idea and sentiment. I’m going to be following this closely! Although admittedly it is at least in part because I am a writer but not an artist, hah.

Good luck!

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Yes, this is notion I wanted to try at least. I’m keen to have all fields to contribute as well as. I just know of illustration haha. This is very much a conceptual idea and nothing in stone yet; or ever will.
So If you had any writing you’d like to submit under the CC 4.0 umbrella, feel free to do so.

The more the merrier.

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I agree with you that this is a nice place to pitch tent.

Your art is very cool and your generosity is kind.

Like Teuta, I am not an artist, and I don’t know if anyone is interested in my writing but if I think of something that might be worthwhile, I will add it. Currently, I am working through old book covers that are public domain, perhaps that might be interesting as an inspiration?

*On the Drive link, Boarders should be Borders :wink:


Thank you and I’d be very much interested to see the writing and the cover you’ve done, or when you are ready to share it.

Cheers on the pick up - I’ve edited the drive label now.

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