RPG Sounds – music for play, prep, design, etc

I know a lot of folks use music as inspiration and ambience in their gaming life.

I thought this topic could be a good place to gather our rpg-related musical sources.

Post playlists or songs, and a little bit about how you use it in your rpg play/design/prep/etc and/or what kinds of settings, genres, or themes you associate with your selections.

I’ll kick it off with a playlist I initially made for a Ryuutama game, which now serves as my go to playlist for anything dreamy and cozy. These days, I cue it up for my Wanderhome solosessions.

Mostly ambient tracks from Japan with a smattering of other favorites. Meant to be played on shuffle.

(Apologies to non-Spotify users. Maybe I’ll try to dupe it on youtube one day and update this post.)


I think that my favorite example of this is the Ultraviolet Grasslands Spotify playlist:

It’s a must if you are interested in the setting, but I don’t know if it’s necessarily a good thing to play during the sessions. It’s more of a way to connect with the vibe of the world.

I made this playlist to establish a tone for the Hard Sci-Fi/Fantasy campaign that I ran using Stars Without Number.


Some good stuff in the Heimat Der Katastrophe catalog (enough that I’ve developed something of a cassette tape problem in recent years). Two of my favorites are Dungeon Myths by KORMORG and the eponymous Dunjon Majik.


Music is so important to me for any prep work.

I also made a sci-fi playlist for getting in the right mood.

I also made this soundtrack for the zine I put out, and it always gets me in the right headspace. It’s what I listened to while I was working on it.

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Great lists! I do the same, playlists to listen to while I write the game or prep it, less so to listen too while playing because my players aren’t into music during the game.

Here is the most recent one I actually commissioned to get made to see what she could find and she did not disappoint, bunch of new material I was not aware of before. Meant to be similar to a movie soundtrack with an implied progression.

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I add my playlist for HOSTILE by Paul Elliott
Good for any gritty sci-fi play (inspired by Alien, Outland or Blade Runner)


I have this habit. Here are three spotify lists from my folder of them. :smiley:

Dungeons & Dragons

Dark Roots for Dungeons

Dungeon Crawl

I’m favoriting others from here, thanks!


Loving all these contributions! Thanks everyone :metal:t2:

Hoping to see this continue to build into an evolving resource for your rpg music needs — Cauldron Sounds


I sure hope so too!

For most occasions Fantasy or Cyberpunk or Cthulhu, I just use something from this persons playlists. They are great! Lots of them, very thematic and varied. Chris M on Spotify

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