Scaling Mount Zorgoth with kids

Today was the last day before fall vacation, at which points the kids in school were also all celebrating halloween and all the birthdays that would be in the fall vacation. All enough to say that they were generally too hopped up on adrenaline and sugar to actually teach. So I whipped out Mount Zorgoth again, with some pre-printed character art and using Roll For Shoes as rules.

It went great again. (I’ve done this before).

All was fun again and the creativity kids have is great. Especially in how they interpret their characters and what their abilities would be. Somehow a lot of zip-lines. A few heroes used zip-lines to scale the mountains. And then there was the one kid who caught a slime hawk and as I ask what he was gonna do with it said that his character (Boy!) was gonna eat it. This gave him the ability to sprout slime wings himself and fly to the top where he has been the only one so far to get to a showdown in one lesson hours time yet.

Lot’s of fun! I hope to scan some character sheets tomorrow (they asked me to keep them) so that you can enjoy that as well.