Scribus ... thoughts?

I just upgraded to Windows 11 on my newer laptop; the older backup laptop doesn’t support it. Also, my Win10 install on that laptop totally died, so before reinstalling it I brought on Linux Mint to make sure I could access my files there.

Getting back in touch with the Linux stuff made me wonder how much I need Windows. After about an hour of thinking, I realized that the only Windows program I’m really tight with is Affinity Publisher. Everything else has a Linux alternative.

Scribus is the … closest alternative to Affinity in Linux. It’s not as polished, I haven’t figured out whether it’s as functional. It seems to (possibly?) support variable fonts, which Affinity doesn’t.

Has anyone else used Scribus for game projects or other work, and what are your thoughts about it vs Affinity?

I use Linux full-time, and have for about 20 years. I still run a Windows VM (via lib-virt KVM) to run Affinity. I couldn’t find anything comparable on the Windows side. Small stuff like “find all text matching this style and change it” and the price point were just too attractive.

I wish it had a native Linux version.


I have Scribus but haven’t used it for very much. If I ever actually lay out a project, I intend to use it mostly on the principle of it being FOSS. And I’ve never used Affinity.

In fact, Affinity seems to have so much of a monopoly on layout design in this community, the contrarian in me is even more motivated to use something, anything else.

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Alas, Scribus is hard to manage and quite ineffective compared to Affinity Publisher. I tried, but I don’t like the cost benefit