Solo RPG: playing on your own

When I started playing RPG again, I didn’t have a group. So I soon found myself exploring the possibility of playing alone. And I discovered a world out there filled with solo players and awesome game engines.
A few months ago I wrote a long post wrapping up everything I had learned about theory and practice.
In Italian it made sense because there was practically nothing about it. Maybe in English it makes less sense but I translated it and I’ll link it anyway:

Have you ever played solo? What do you think about it?


Man, you should have posted this earlier. I just bought Scarlet Heroes the other day, haha! I don’t really regret it though, the oracle and generators in there were exactly what I wanted.

I’ve played some solo journaling games before (Thousand Year Old Vampire and a Wretched And Alone hack called Murder Island), which are fun in their own way. But they’re not the kind of fun that replaces a D&D or OSR adventure romp.

I’ve been trying to get a campaign set in my setting going with friends and later with cousins, but life gets in the way and they get postponed indefinitely. My setting might be cursed. But anyways, I tried to venture forth on my own with a really simple oracle called OSR Solo, but it was too minimalistic for my tastes.

I knew about Scarlet Heroes, I am a player on a one-on-one Stonehell campaign using the system in fact. I just couldn’t justify buying it yet because of the price. 15 dollars is not cheap in the Philippines. But as the weeks went by and I got more and more itchy to play, I finally bit the bullet. I read the oracles and generators for different adventures and man, this is just what I need, I thought. Now to actually play! I’ll get to it sometime this week.


This was a great read; though only halfway - I’m currently doing my research on solo RPG’s and what to play but this history and the practice of it all, is super interesting.
Thanks for sharing and writing about it :slight_smile:

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