The Machinations of SageDaMage

Hey! This is a megathread-like thing I’ll be doing where I’ll talk about my currently released projects (specifically what to look forward to / what I’m considering expanding upon) and my upcoming projects.
I love feedback, especially on something that’s already “complete,” as I don’t get that very often. I’d love to hear what you’d like to see next, too!
Below is a description of each of my projects released on itch, and below that is a description of projects I’m currently tinkering with that are separate.

Released Games


Project Link
Indexx I feel is in a fairly complete state. Sure, it could use some more guidance, perhaps a GM-facing index card, but most tiny games like it don’t have room for all that, so I’ll forgive myself if I don’t revisit this.

Shōnen Anime Messerspiel

Project Link
Like Indexx, Anime Messerspiel is also in a fairly complete spot, although setting guides for different anime settings could be fun, if I want to get a cease and desist.

Pokemon Zero

Project Link
Yes, I still want to make an example page for EACH Pokemon type. It’s a bit grueling, but I have the first type finished mostly which should speed everything else up, to have a base to reference.


Project Link
Again, more guidance. I’d be content to leave this here, or at least give it a better name.

Frontier Goons

Project Link
Also pretty content with FG.

New School Fantasy

Project Link
SPELLS. I need to revamp spellcasting, I’m not excited for making each spell in the system and so the better solution is to just get rid of the need for spell descriptions.

1-Bit Dungn

Project Link
Complete, I just formatted it, anyway.

Truth Seeker

Project Link
I want to revisit it, but am stuck on how to make the game not break the world or force it to change in any meaningful way. It’s tough to make FMA not a science fest.


Project Link
Guidance needed for routes to go when making characters, although I could just leave it.

Upcoming Games

Boneyard Beach

An adventure I was writing for the Rittermarch Mausritter game jam awhile ago, it needs some revising of the main plot and a playtest before I feel it’s ready for the world to see.

Cairn: Advanced

I want to make a full repertoire of Cairn classes like the Escape Artist and the Spell-Binder, and I might do a NSR community thing to make the rest. LMK if you’d be interested in that!


My most recent project, I want to combine 2400 skills with more strict combat and inventory management. For the setting, I’m going for “Sci-Fi with Fantasy tropes,” and am shooting for something like Vaults of Vaarn in space.


My most ambitious project, I’m working for a therapist to create a therapy RPG that deals with therapy themes and leading a double-life a la Masks: A New Generation. It will be entirely diceless for players!

Wanton & Chaste

I just need to make the game setup portion of this 1-page L&F hack about anime maids. Not quite sure what to put, though.

1400 Overhaul

I want to add actual classes to the 1400 Series. I have a draft, but I’m not sure what I’ve made truly ADDS to the game. I need to continue to think about what I should do that helps the game, and re-find what I wanted to do in the first place.