The Thracia Project

The Thracia Project was active around 2018-2021.
It was a community project to re-key the classic Judges Guild module, The Caverns of Thracia by Jannelle Jaquays.

It was never finished, but the document still gets updated from time to time. I wanted a place for this work to remain saved for those who wanted to access it or don’t know of its existence.

Description from 2018 reddit post:

Hey all! Some of us on the OSR discord are trying to re-key all of Caverns of Thracia to make it easier to run! We hope that you will join us in the effort. If you’ve ever wanted to run this classic module, but had a hard time parsing through it due to the long form prose style of the original, we think you’ll like what we are working on!


I made corrections to the map keys as well as some noted maps for referees and unkeyed maps for players on VTTs.


Linked in the main project doc.


This is rad. Reminds me of the project to create an updated Palace of the Silver Princess - now completely wiped from the web. It involved 30+ people but was organized by He Who Shall Not Be Named.

If I have my “scene-drama-timeline” correct this project started to fizzle out around the time the “purple server” was going through some ahem… ownership changes…

Really cool to see it here again and interested in where it goes!

@yochaigal I was chatting to David blandy recently and I think he might be reviving the Palace of the Silver Princess revision project (came up because of your podcast, i think).


Yes he’s been showing it off on the cairn discord!

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This write up was invaluable when I was running Caverns of Thracia a few months ago.

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