Thoughts on Root?

Has anyone here run or played the Root RPG? I’m interested to hear what you think of it.

In particular, I’d be interested to hear how it compares to Mausritter and Dungeon World, which seem similar, albeit along different axes.


I’ve run a short campaign that kind of fizzled. Definitely more of a group issue (they like drama more than adventuring), but I did have some takeaways:

  • overall it is a decent game. I’d say it compares favorably to Dungeon World (but then I’ve always preferred World of Dungeons)
  • some mechanics almost work, like reputation is good but it gets pretty wonky after a while.
  • the faction system rocks, I love it.
  • in some groups the setting just become fluff, the fact that you’re beavers and badgers won’t matter much. The expansion rules help.

I think the game has a tonal problem - it presents as a game of action and adventure, but all of the material pushes it towards politics.

I haven’t played Mausritter (yet), so I don’t know how they compare.


I’ve played it olas a one shot once and enjoyed it. It’s got a little bit more crunch (several currencies, as I recall) than I usually prefer, but it still works for me.