Two-Headed Serpent!


It feels like a guilty pleasure. I usually talk about games with serious tones, etc. But I’ve been watching a lot of Seth Skorkowsky lately … and am just strangely, strongly curious about this silly Pulp Cthulhu Two-Headed Serpent campaign. (What a great name for an adventure! Some spoilers in the link.) My questions:

  • If you have experience with Pulp Cthulhuis it playable alone or with just the Call of Cthulhu quickstart? Or do you really need the full 7th edition Call of Cthulhu core book, too?

  • What other systems would you consider? (Maybe something d6-based like Urban/Modern/Fantasy, or would you stick to d100s …?)

  • Are there other adventures, systems, or settings that you’d recommend with a similar pulp-action feel, if I still can’t get enough?

  • And … do you have any other guilty-pleasure silly settings that you enjoy?

I popped into a campaign and took over for an absent player once, in a Two-Headed Serpent Campaign. It is most certainly NOT playable alone or with the quickstart. You’d need a group and some system.

I’d personally use Cthulhu Dark with Trophy-esque skills that trigger the occupation die, and the expectation that fighting does NOT immediately kill you, but triggers many risky rolls that might fail (unlike base CD resolution).

Lots of DCC adventures are very pulp-y in my experience playing/running them. I’d recommend those, since they also convert pretty well to less crunchy fantasy systems. DCC as a system, however, does not have action, per se.

For system, I’d recommend Wushu, which is a narrative action movie system. You couldn’t run Two-Headed Serpent with it, but a campy action movie vibe would work amazingly.

Setting? Neverland. Great setting, a very whimsical vibe with bursts of cool action.

It’s not a guilty pleasure for me. I LOVE overtly silly settings, and I’m proud of it. You should be, too!


Pulp Cthulhu technically needs the 7th ed Keeper’s book. I bet you could make it work with the quickstart rules, but there will probably be quite a few dangling references in Pulp Cthulhu that you’ll be unable to resolve.

I really love both Pulp Cthulhu and 7e CoC, nothing guilty about it :stuck_out_tongue:


I have always wanted to play a Cthulu game but not in a self serious manner so this existing is neat! My favorite CoC actual play I have ever listened to is “Scooby Doo, Pooch on the Doorstep” after all.

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