Underwater Adventures

I want to fool around with some potions of Water Breathing. What are some good pre-written scenarios *or original ideas that any of you have, involving at least 1/3 or more of the time under water (including ocean, lake, marsh, aquarium, subterranean river, or even a crazy elemental plane)?
This can be fantasy or *any genre or system. Go!
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Some of my Ocean/Swamp Entries in my Wilderness Hexes might lead in this direction (especially with things like The Brine Queen’s persistent presence) or be useful as inspiration.

For published things, there’s also PC: 3 The Sea People for Basic which if I recall has quite a few Underwater Adventures in the “Adventure Book.”

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Honestly, I’ve never seen anything good?

I suspect in some ways it’s a difficulty with 3d space in classic rpgs and location based adventure design. The break/paths between vertical level began as more important as a liminal rupture and difficulty gauge then a spaital relationship. I think this idea persists in a lot of RPGs - a sort of ludic DNA.

Plus a lack of effective rules to model pressure, swimming, drowning, and such. Heck, even space games don’t really do well with exploring in the vacuum.


Knight Owl Publishing (Meatlandia, “Scourge of the Scornlords”) has been teasing an underwater OSE supplement on their Instagram. I believe a Kickstarter is coming in April. I love that eel medusa!

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This ones a bit abyssal so maybe not totally appropriate unless you have a portal, but a city of hagfish witches built into a massive leviathan sized whalefall. Your mission is to dodge the sentry-crabs, negotiate with the scavenger cephalopods and break into the hagfish witches sanctum to steal MAGIC THING from them.

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Bones Deep creator put together a list of these.