We Are But Worms: How Far Can One Word Go?

Today, I pose you a design question: How far can one word go in building a concept?
We Are But Worms is a One Word RPG. Spoiler alert: the one word is writhe.

This is less a game design question and more of an exercise in designing a game, like at the table, not to publish. In a way, it’s FKR, not because of the lack of rules, but that the one word acts as a sort of genre you can tie content back to.

Other words have a lot of connotation that can be derived from it, like “fantasy,” or “punk.” Why not nearly any word, if you twist the meaning enough?

You can either take this as a discussion of the question above, or try your hand at making a game concept out of one word.

I find that word association is a good tool in this exercise, preferably one that’s interpretable like We Are But Worms.