What are you actually playing?

Neat - I had not heard of Urban/Modern/Fantasy before; “elves in jeans” is very appealing to me, though!

I’ve been thinking about playing Star Wars d6 sometime soon: may I ask what the premise of your campaign was?

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We were all rebels or rebel-sympathizers playing through one of the published jail break modules, proceeded to extract a rebel cell stuck on a poisonous, alien world, and then took a job with a hutt to infiltrate a rival’s base.

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I am running a 5E OSR influenced Spelljammer game in a homebrew sphere (solar system).

I am playing in an OSR influenced 5E game dungeon crawl a friend is running called Bad Chapel as a paranoid investigator monk.

I also am playing in and running one shots for a West Marches campaign that uses a wizard tower with teleportation doors.

I also run other games as one shots include Lasers and Feelings, PBtA games. I want to run Trophy soon and UVG.

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I’m intermittently running Mausritter and You Got A Job on the Garbage Barge.

I don’t play enough though. I’d love if something like flailsnails of yore existed (without the unsavory figures of the early OSR)


I’ve been DM’ing 5e, but would love to play any OSR / Adjacent stuff. (I’ve only played a few one-shot in 5e).


I more so just read RPG rulebooks than play…

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Just wrapped up a Starfinder AP (Devastation Ark), Saturdays are Pathfinder, Tuesdays are random games at a round table and a whole bunch of pickup games.

Really looking to get some Cairn in at some point and Rogueland

Currently Running: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (eXiles variant) and Barbarians of Lemuria using my Shroompunk setting.

Currently Playing: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (standard) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (in a near-future cyberpunks setting)

On Deck: A Covert Ops game based on Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, where the player characters are all human resistance fighters sent back to fight SKYNET… who don’t realize that they’ve all been sent back to the same Nineties from very different futures.


I’m a player in zeruhur’s Cepheus Engine campaign. And I’m the referee of the Blackmarsh’s White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game in which he’s one of the players.

Plus, I’m the DM of a sandbox 5e campaign: the assumption is that the characters have inherited a manor in the middle of a forest; and they have to reconstruct it and seize the region while dealing with the different factions.


I’m running my Vaults of Vaarn home campaign, which has been going for about eighteen months now(!). I’m also halfway through a Bloodheist caper where the PCs are robbing a creepy sanitarium on an island.

I’m not a player in any regular games sadly.


Turns out the replacement campaign for the Star Wars d6 game that ended is me running some RuneQuest set in Glorantha. We’ve only just done the session zero stuff but its always fun to return to a beloved setting.

Two of the players have read some of the setting material, the others are brand new, but aside from me nobody has played in Glorantha yet, so I hope I can provide them a fun time in the classic setting.

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I have been playing Maximum Recursion Depth for nearly a year now, with no intention of wrapping up any time soon. Going to maybe try to put together a Mecha game soon as well, probably inspired by Saruri-Man: Midsummer Nights Adventures.

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Currently testing my hastily written out “Children of Bastion” in class. Needs some fine-tuning for sure. Also, can’t share as it’s all in Dutch and I have no time for translation.


I am running two games and playing in another, all three essentially a “best of” amalgamation cobbled together from me and my players favorite mechanics I’ve written over the years. Despite the fact that I own, read, and enjoy a number of published games and have even written multiple complete games, this sort of random grab bag style is always what we end up coming back to.

One of my games is this urban horror thing, so we’re using my brutality and terror mechanics, my insight mechanics and not much else. Another one is a surreal dungeon crawl through the House of Hours (Arnold Kemps surreal megadungeon) that branches out into Silent Titans and Blue Medusa, and for that we’re using a dream mechanic I wrote a while ago, along with this discarded inventory system I had laying around, and a darkest dungeons style hope/conditions mechanic.


I am currently Playing in a Liminal game set in Joburg run by a local there and in a The One Ring 2e game. I am running a one shot test of Bounty Hunters. I did run a Star Wars D6 game that fizzled because I prepped “too much” and just couldn’t manage the load as well as low enthusiasm from some of the players as they felt the rules where too “archaic”. I am now working on rebooting Star Wars with Broken Compass which is a game I enjoy immensely and badgering them constantly to release an SRD but that will sadly not happen soon.


I am actually currently playing:

  • Troika x2 (one as GM, one as player)
  • Coop Troika with Mythic Game Master Emulator
  • Risus
  • Pathfinder 2e
  • Tunnel Goons hack
  • Wicked Ones (Forged in the Dark)

My Troika games are probably my favorites because they are more freeform and Troika always has good flavor / atmosphere. And I really like the group I troika with.

Pathfinder is a fucking drag. If it wasn’t the only way I get to hang out with this particular group of friends, I’d walk away from the game.


After two campaigns in my setting getting postponed before they can even start, I bought Scarlet Heroes and set off to play solo. The price of the system was steep but after a session, I don’t regret buying it. It’s just want I wanted in a solo system.

I’m actually using Whitehack with Scarlet Heroes’ solo rules and generators for this campaign.


Up until recently, I was playing a Star Wars campaign using a 24XX hack. We clocked in like 14 sessions before one of the players wanted a change of setting. It was a good run, we stopped it, and now we’re going to play a Norse-inspired setting with a sprinkling of Witcher-vibes.


I’m currently running a 5e campaign (Curse of Strahd). We’re about 75% through. It’s not my favorite system but I’m playing with my favorite people, so that’s OK. Next week we’ll be playing a DCC funnel and for Halloween I’m running Mothership.

I usually get to run most of the games I want to try. I have a fairly large pool of players locally, and mostly playing online helps with scheduling. It’s been a lot of homebrew stuff with Knave lately but I’d like to check out Cairn and Rogueland for my next adventure.


Playing: D&D5 Rime of the Frostmaiden and an Eberron Mournlands game.

GMing: Delta Green with Cthulhu Dark (Ladybug, Ladybug adventure). CD is the investigation game I always wanted but had never tried, so good.

Discovering that I really really can’t stand heavy systems anymore. I see the appeal of 5e, but it is not for me (I’ll play, but not GM).