What are you actually playing?

Assuming you have seen CTHULHU DEEP GREEN by Dissonance ?


I am in a (mostly) weekly game of Cepheus Engine (ie Classic Traveller), a couple weeks ago I finally played Alice Is Missing (the Discord version) which was bonkers good, and I just started running a 2400 Orbital Decay game to play through the Echoes In The Graveyard scenario.


Oh, yes, I have it. I just refrained from using it 'cause our objetive was to test CD raw first.


I’m going to be running a bunch of spooky scarey skeleton stuff for October. Next weekend I will be running a Delta Green scenario, and then two weeks after that I’m going to run the classic Unknown Armies scenario of Jailbreak.


Howdy. I’m DW and currently running Mörk Bork and occasionally guest playing in the Threeflings stream (every Uncaged Anthology adventure with three tiefling players).

It was a sea change getting my 5e group to play Mörk Borg but after two sessions they are right into it, and can’t wait to hit the “Click to kill this one” button on the SCVMBIRTHER random character generator.

One thing I noted is that they are much more creative and risky with 1-10 HP characters than their 5e 100+ hp characters with a million skills. Loving the zany content in Mörk Borg that does well to offset the doom’n gloom vibes. I’m running a mash-up of The Masticator Gate and my own zine about being weird hunters.

Next I wanna run Cairn with a Trophy Dark adventure as inspiration, or Troika and one of its short adventures.


Some info I gathered from the NSR Discord yesterday, minus some of the chatter in between. Please let me know if you’d like me to remove or extra-anonymize your user handle.

Jeremy A. (he/him)
For new folks who are just now joining us, let us know what games you like *and/or want to try in the near future!?
For me: I’m into PbtA and OSR. Currently running Stonetop and Blades in the Dark. :wave:t4:

games i’m casually running now: knave and monster of the week
games i want to be running soon: my own sci-fi game (thematically similar to mothership), ironsworn, various small zine games
games i appreciate but don’t get to play much these days: traveller, MERP, ars magica, etc.
(of course i like a lot of other games but those were the ones that came to mind)

Currently running: Brighter Worlds, my homebrew hack of Cairn/Into the Odd/Macchiato Monsters and more. Technically also a duet game of modified Dungeon World but we haven’t had a session in ages :cry:.

Want to run: Meteor (my own Sci Fi cairn hack, whenever it’s finished) and the Mind The Gap one shot for CBR+PNK. I’d also like to give External Containment Bureau a try because it’s doing lots of clever things.
amanda (she/they) — Yesterday at 5:52 PM
Currently running a loosely 5E Spelljammer game and a DM in a west Marches game. playing in an OSR-flavored 5E dungeon

Want to run or play in: people’s play tests! Blades in the Dark, Trophy Dark, Story games, pBtA games, Jim’s Star Wars game, Cairn, Into the Odd, people’s fun projects and always more Lasers and Feelings hacks. All the games!

Working on: drawing many maps for my megadungeon setting

Currently running in voice OZR and My Body is a Cage. A lot of others in PBP.
amanda (she/they) — Yesterday at 5:55 PM
My Body is a Cage seems neat!

MinorBug (He/They)
i’m soon to be running od&d. most of my other games are dnd 5th, and one pokemon tabletop united.

Justin H
I currently running a face-to-face od&dish game, an online game of RuneQuest, and this month I will be running spooky scarey one shots of Delta Green and Unknown Armies. I am also prepping for a Pendragon campaign starting next month.

Jim Parkin
Currently running:

  • Dolmenwood
  • Dolmenwood again
  • Dolmenwood a third time
  • The Halls of Arden Vul
  • Galaxy Far Away
  • Any Planet Is Earth
  • Any Planet Is Earth again
  • Deep Carbon Observatory
  • Caverns of Thracia
  • Tomb of Annihilation
  • Princes of the Apocalypse
  • Weird North one-shots
  • Ruined Tower of Gormalong
  • A freeform duet with the player as AI
  • Paranormal hunters
  • The Evils of Illmire
  • Android: Cyberpunk

I’m probably forgetting a few. All are PbP aside from one of the Dolmenwood tables, which meets every three or four weeks. Most of these PbP tables are also on the slower end, so it’s a ping here and there. Some are daily as the group allows.
“Working on”: APIE v2, Weird North in print, various adventures, hopeless blogging. All of those are sidelined for the most part as my main computer won’t work (RIP Affinity).

Justin H
For what I wish I was playing - I wish someone would run Empire of the Petal Throne for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Jim Parkin
I honestly don’t enjoy being a player these days.
If one of my local friends wants to try referee stuff, I’d be happy to oblige and enjoy it, but I wouldn’t choose it.
amanda (she/they) — Yesterday at 6:32 PM
I have the brain capacity to run 2 games and then play in 2. Then I’m maxed out, all my games are biweekly now

i’m sort of in the opposite situation – it seems like i only get to play interesting games (with my friends) if i run them, so i end up running only (but i would enjoy being a player)

Substitute Adventurer
Currently Running: Knave (Slumbering Ursine Dunes, moving into Highfell) and 5e
Playing: Blades in the Dark, Fate Core
Enjoy: anything that isn’t too crunchy

currently running: OD&D/5e
playing: 5e
want to run: chainmail

Tim B.
I like D&D 5E but I’ve been slowly prepping for some kind of ultralight, play-by-post… thing
I don’t know, I’ve hit a spot of writer’s block with the setting
But, it’ll come together sooner or later

Chris (he/him)
I’ve stopped running 5e, but I’m still in 2 games as a player. I have an ongoing game of Wanderhome that I facilitate.

Lately I’ve been doing a bunch of one-shots in different systems to try them out. So far they have been:
Blue Planet: Recontact, Lady Blackbird, my sci-fi Honey Heist hack “Stuck out in the Black”, Fronds of Benevolence (using 1400 Planes), Avatar Legends, i’m sorry did you say street magic

I’m planning to run soon:
Crash//Cart, The Ultraviolet Grasslands (using SEACAT), The Desert Moon of Karth (in ???)

In the future I’d like to try:
Ironsworn / Starforged, Whitehack, The Wildsea, Orbital, Orbital Blues, Into the Odd

[Removed: timestamps, avatar icons, and cross talk so just focusing on a big list of what folks are playing, or want to play]

Looks like an interesting snapshot of a lot of systems and tastes!

Been running a bunch of OSR modules using Knave. So far we have played Waking of Willowby Hall, Winter’s Daughter, Slumbering Ursine Dunes and a bunch of pamphlet adventures, one page dungeons, and Trilemma stuff. Soon we will transition into Highfell since my players hijacked an Eld airship and we have already established that it exists in the setting.

Also running 5e for teenagers, mostly one page dungeons and improvised homebrew stuff.

Was playing Ironsworn, Blades in the Dark, and Pathfinder but those games have stalled out.


For slightly more detail on my answer, my Brighter Worlds campaign is just entering Zaratazarat’s Manse which is the dungeon/adventure location on the inside of Knock’s dusk jacket.

It looks like it’s exactly the sort of irreverent, off kilter, goofy thing that still has some solid exploration and interaction in it that I like. I’m looking forward to seeing how my players get on with it.


This will be true through mid-January – I am running, mostly almost weekly:

  • Stonetop - long-term campaign with old friends (live). Custom Greek-inspired setting, currently covered with ice and snow (like in the Persephone myth).
  • Mork Borg - mini campaign, new group of players (live)

I am a player in:


Currently running Blades In the Dark, so expect me to bring that up as an example to an annoying extent for the foreseeable future.

After I ran a Liminal Horror one-shot Halloween weekend, my table decided they want to do monthly one-shots, so I’m also prepping a short adventure for Yokai Hunters Society, to be run at some point in December.


I’ve gotten in two sessions in my Norse/Witcher campaign now, using Revenant’s Hack. I also got to run a Into the Odd (remastered) session last week with a few people on the FKR Collective. While part of me thinks of Into the Odd as crunchy, I’ve gotten a taste for it and I’m going to run it more.

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Madman! You’ve been playing too much FKR. I think it’s about as rules light as you can be while still maintaining a slight compatibility with old school adventures.


Hah! I refuse this slander!

I’ve been running a few old school adventures with Revenant’s Hack and I haven’t encountered any sort of “compatibility issue”. I understand that a lot of systems will kind of nod to compatibility by letting you know how to translate stats, or keep some terms similar. But in the FKR perspective, you just need to know the fiction to play it really.


No disagreement here, I just think it’s more work. I also think something is lost in translation with respect to the author’s intended experience (this goes for ItO as well). You get to design your own experience however, and choose whether that aspect is important or no. I’m sure some adventure writers would prefer I utilize CON more when running their games, but since I don’t have that attribute or an equivalent in my preferred system, obstacles that interact with that attribute don’t really happen in the way the writer intended.

The “semi” compatibility I mentioned before is only relevant to my line in the sand, and what guiderails I like to have. In FKR style games that work falls very much to the GM, and (for some) could require more brainpower than they choose to utilize. Ironically I see similar comments about ItO from OSE adherents!

Everyone has their comfort level.


I love Blades and similar dice pool games. I also very much want to run Yokai Hunters Society, myself. Good luck!


I’ve been running a weekly Halls of Arden Vul campaign with Neoclassical Geek Revival since last May, so just over 1 1/2 years now? It’s the longest and most consistent campaign I’ve ever been in and it’s been awesome.

Just recently started using weeks where there are only a couple of players to play a few sessions of The Wizard’s Grimoire, and it’s been a lot of fun to turn the tables and have the NGR players co-GM for me. I’ve been digging that and thinking of trying to spin that off into a separate event, a “sword and sorcery action hour”, where we can trade off who plays the spotlight in the Bakers’ S&S games (The Wizard’s Grimoire, The Barbarian’s Bloody Quest, Amazons, In a Wicked Age, and I think there are more).


Hey it’s you! Great to see more #Beggars drift this way!

I’m gonna do a playtest of my own Glasspunk via PbP, as well as running A Quiet Year with friends.

I’m running and playing less than 1% of the time that I spend reading and talking about RPGs. New Year’s resolution to just. play. more.


I referee three campaigns:

  • Waterdeep Dragon Heist, using the Alexandrian Remix in vanilla 5th edition. This is for a number of players who have essentially no experience with any flavor of D&D, so the emphasis is on new player accessibility and welcoming vibes at the table. The base module is not great, but the remix adds a lot by turning it into a nice city-based sandbox.

  • Hot Springs Island, using OSE Basic as a base and mixing in other B/X elements as needed. Due to the scheduling monster we haven’t gotten very far in but the intent is to keep the rules out of the way and focus on the faction-based play.

  • Science fantasy homebrew, starting from a 5e base and adapting to a more freeform/OSR feel.

I play in a couple games also:

  • A west marches Mutant Crawl Classics game. This game is rad as heck and I really recommend it, don’t let the tables fool you.

  • The Pirates of Drinax in Mongoose Traveller 2e, as a play-by-post over discord.

  • A couple of off-and-on 5e games

I run one-shots basically whenever I can. Some really successful ones:

  • Shadow of the Demon Lord, which can get very crunchy if you let it but played right can feel like a rules-light version of 5e.

  • Liminal Horror as a replacement for Call of Cthulhu

  • Last night I ran Mausritter for the first time and honestly I cannot say enough good things about it


I’m running a Thursday night D&D game in which the group is an Outlands Expedition Team, currently finishing up Curse of Strahd.

World of Dungeons with a municipal delving idea I’ve been futzing around with in notebooks for a while.

Hoping to get back to a Swords & Sorcery game of Sorcerer in a setting I wrote a thousand years ago.