What is The NSR All About?

I figure I may as well post this message I wrote in the #introductions channel of our NSR Discord a few days ago, so it doesn’t get lost.

I’d like to think it will double as an introduction to the Cauldron, if we’re doing what we set out to do here.

Here’s the server pitch for all you new folks:

(1) You might hear sometimes that we’re “the OSR but with a distaste for crusty old D&D rulesets,” and there’s a grain of truth to that, but really we have a wide spread of tastes (Into the Odd, story games, FKR, weird old RPGs, even some 5E and some old-D&D ruleset people!).

(2) We don’t like strict RPG dogma. We have something of a slogan that @jeffszusz came up with: “Where the best game is the game you like to play, the way you like to play it.” For example, we try to tailor feedback on your ideas to your preferences and design goals rather than our own.

This is a great place to be if you feel alienated from other communities and their focus on how everything has to be done a certain way, or if you just want to learn more about other playstyles