What would you put on your perfect GM screen? (system agnostic)

I envision this holy grail: a clipboard, or GM screen, with utterly kickass, inspiring, reusable tables.
Bits of content, reminders and references that will help me run anything.

If you were to make the ultimate GM screen, what would you include?

Some of mine:

And for a digital version, why not:


Thank you for the shoutout! :blush:

I don’t really use Screens too often these days, but I do love having Random Tables at hand. Several of the ones I’ve linked here see a ton of use: Random Tables in addition to those Encounter Activities :slight_smile:

So happy that you have put them in one convenient page!! Are you okay with that going to the Links to Wisdom wiki?

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Certainly! This should be most of them, but there might be a few strays here and there.

A few of my things are up on there from ages ago but I’m glad to see that’s being updated again! It’s a lovely resource :slight_smile:

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I was just telling Kensanata that the last 90 days have only seen entries from me. Thought it was time to get a reminder to the community that it exists! :grin:

Sorry to hijack the thread @Gardens :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll focus on Mork Borg for now, since that’s something still fresh in my head. Quick references I would like to have –

  • double-length Catastrophes (what happens when a player’s spell backfires, but can also be repurposed as cool offensive effects for enemies to trigger). The normal is 20, so I’d like 40-50 options.
  • the Reaction Roll table, to randomize the starting attitude of NPCs they meet
  • d100 minor items - stuff ranging from cute or disturbing trinkets to unusual helmets and such
  • d66 major items, or perhaps a d20 x d20 table to combine two halves
  • Standard Equipment table with prices often charged in town
  • a much-shortened version of wilderness tables from Perilous Wilds
  • the table of names from Witchburner in both English and the native language (which is nearly un-pronounceable for me, but still amazing)
  • d100 Action and Theme tables from Ironsworn
  • and lastly, the spell tables from Maze Rats, maybe?

Also, I love this as a question, but … strictly speaking, I no longer use a privacy screen in most of my in-person play. I don’t grudge anyone who does, but that’s my personal preference.

I am, however, starting to put together binders compiling together these types of tools. So I definitely seeing myself creating quick-references that are similar to what’s usually included on the traditional GM screen, just in a slightly different format.

I’d love to have a unique screen for each adventure.

It would have its own relevant tables for random events, a quick diagram of the key characters/factions in case I need to remember who I’m roleplaying in that moment, and (depending on the adventure) possibly an overview map.

Most adventures would also need something that’s entirely unique to them, like notes on the weird mechanic around eating enchanted fruit or some similarly fun nonsense.

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