What's the hexcrawl with the best information presentation that you've actually used?

Talking about something that’s “designed for the table” and doesn’t cause confusion or delay in finding the needed informations.
What makes it stand out from the others?


Times That Fry Men‘s Souls


  • no empty hexes
  • one page for each hex
  • similar sequence, usually three things
  • situations full of dynamic potential

For me, Hot Springs Island. Generating encounters is kind of cumbersome because you need to flip back and forth between a few pages, but otherwise it’s similar to Florik’s list. There’s something interesting in every hex (often multiple things), and there are a lot of interesting situations and opportunities for faction play.


I think my favourites are all from LotFP: Carcosa, Qelong, and World of the Lost. Qelong I haven’t run, but it seems like it would be fun to play. Carcosa I ran a long campaign with and it works really well. The layout is excellent. Everything works well at the table. World of the Lost feels like it builds on its lessons. The hex crawl portion is a bit juicier, there is more cross referencing of hexes, and better hints of through lines of adventure. One of my favourite OSR things, but Rafael not that active in the scene anymore so it feels like it’s overlooked. (Never mind it’s an LotFP book :joy:)