Would You Rather: NSR Edition

Thought of a cute ‘would you rather’ related to the amazing admins on the NSR Discord. Let me know which one you’d do! Spread the love!

Would you rather…

  1. Get a sneak preview playtest game run for you of Cairn 2e by Yochai

  2. Play in a game of Trophy/Cthulhu Dark run by Kyle

  3. Play in a game of Spellburn and Battlescars run by Xenio

  4. Play in an Egress one-shot run by Cosmic Orrery

  5. Play in Ordinal’s #dungeon23

  6. Join Brandon’s 5e campaign

  7. Playtest Shadowmoor with Tim

  8. Play in a duet Play-By-Post game with Tam

  9. Go book-hunting with ATellingEllipsis

[Honorable Mentions]

  1. Play in Tannic run by Amanda

  2. Playtest Jeremy’s SECRET FITD PROJECT

My personal pick is Number 8, because I feel like Tam’s games are more exclusive so I gotta take the opportunity, sorry other mods!

(This is “site feedback” because (a) it doesn’t fit anywhere else and (b) I’m providing the feedback that the mods are AWESOME!)


Sadly, so exclusive even I’m not even in one! :rofl: I wouldn’t even be able to pick one!!!

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My game has never been called “Shadowmoor” but I can’t even blame you because it’s been named and renamed a million times at this point :laughing:

That being said… Brandon when and where can I hop in one of those library one-shots of yours hahaha

LOL sorry!!! Pick a name already!!!

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Oh wow, I’m trying to think now what it would be like to play in a game that just used my dungeon23s, and it would be very strange.

Excuse me while I go looking for a 9-sided die…

Though I think 2 and 8 are my favourites.

No idea who Tam is, but the PbP duet games I am running have been super fun so number 8 for sure !