A little bit if help in creating a modular ruleset for "powers"

Hey everyone!

I got a toybox called COSMIC and I wanted help to add another module to it. Link below:

The module I want to create is called Powers, and I am a bit stuck on it.

It has 2 objectives: a) allow settings where characters have incredible powers like superheroes, and b) allow players to port character creation from games like the dragon game where they often have features from race.

I have a few ideas but can’t zoom into something definite.

  • I thought of a descriptive such as “I am…” and “I can…”
  • I don’t want the working to be bound by hard numbers of any kind (distance, duration, number of uses, etc)
  • I would like it to be possible that players can pick any number of them, although I’d recommend 3-6.

Perhaps it’s tied to a resource? A luck roll? Idk

The '“unleash your powers” masks move comes strongly to mind here as well, but I am not sure I want it to work the same way.

What thoughts y’all have?

Alright, so my thought went to this:

Whenever you use your special power make a roll and depending on the result you fill a kind of exhaustion track. When you fill it, you mark a condition.

Not original by any means but might just work :slight_smile:

I am sorry, but i think this is something you have to decide by yourself, because this is not a question of right or wrong approach, but of design goals and the whole concept. What are you aiming for? Game where your superpower is tied to a luck roll will will feel different from a game where it’s a resource-management thing.
That said, dice-randomized exhaustion track is probably a good middle ground that doesn’t pull it in either way. Other, similar possibility could be to add risk of some backfire or complication (as in PbtA).

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Yes, I know that.

This is what I’m looking for, some ideas of where I might be going, thank you!

I like the risk idea. Perhaps even like in Apocalypse Keys where you can overdo yourself into disaster.

I am always down for just FKRing things. You might look at the way character creation is handled in Numenera for some ideas on how to formulate things. Character Creation - Numenera SRD

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Let me check that out!